November 28, 2005
Tah Dah!!!!!!

It's taken me a long time but my RESUME is DONE!!! I'm so excited. And I like the look and the feel of it. I will start sending my resume tomorrow. And I also got another big thing done today. I got a checking account started and am waiting for my checks and debit card. So overall it's been a productive day.

Here is a pic of my dear mamacita modeling my newest finished object. It's an Urban Legand Scarf in black. I used Caron's Super Soft and i did this scarf after buying the yarn for a hat and not realizing that i needed a 100% wool to felt. I wasn't thinking clearly, so then, what am i going to do with the yarn? So i did this. I have enough yarn to do another one. I may not make it so long. I really like it. I want one for me. I wear a lot of black and like to have a black scarf.
Isn't she pretty!

K, now that i have the resume done, i'm getting ready and going to see my honey Junior!

November 26, 2005
Noble...uh huh, but isn't her gown gorgeous?

The Noble Princess

You are just and fair, a perfectionist with a
strong sense of proper decorum. You are very
attracted to chivalry, ceremony and dignity.
For the most part you are rather sensible, but
you are also very idealistic.

Role Models: Guinevere, Princess Fiona (of Shrek)

You are most likely to: Get kidnapped by a stray

What Kind of Princess are You? - Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with good friends, family and food. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. My mom and I did the cooking and i enjoy that. We got up early to prepare the stuffing and get the bird ready and in the oven. We made 2 kinds of stuffing. Her regular stuffing which is yummy and i made some cornbread the night before to have some cornbread stuffing too. Check out our feast.
My friends, Sandy and Bob, came to celebrate with us and it was so nice to see them. And my new beau, Junior, came to meet my family and have dinner with us. It was really nice having him here. Everyone seemed to like him too.
I like this pic because it's one of the first of me and Junior, but i hate it because i can see the weight gain. It's so depressing. Something to work on.

We (Mamacita and me) went shopping yesterday but we didn't go super early. We went to an outlet mall around 10 am. It wasn't too terribly crowded. Mom got some super deals at Eddie Bauer. I bought a black Bali bra that i found on sale for 9.99 with 25% off. It was 8.00 something with tax, can't beat that. I'm kind of picky about bras and the only one i truly, truly love is the Victoria Secret Body by Victoria but i cannot afford $41.50 a bra and i wore the last one til it almost fell apart. I'm hoping this bra will fit. Mom wanted me to try on, but ew, i hate trying them on. I just take my chances.

Woke up with a crick in my neck. I may need to go to a chiropractor after all. We'll see.

Have a lot to do today, i'm already stressed. And i'm not use to having a guy who wants to spend so much time with me. I want to spend time with him too, but i have my family, and things i need to do, and a friend who wants me to go visit, and part of me wants to just be alone for awhile and knit. I should be happy that i have a man who cares and family and friends who want to be near me.

November 22, 2005
Cloverleaf Rolls

Aren't they pretty!
I used this recipe for Classic Dinner Rolls. This recipe calls for Rapid Rise which i didn't have so i used the regular dry yeast. I did the milk and butter on the stove, added the 3 yolks when it cooled and stirred it together and then i used about 1/4 cup warm water and put the dry yeast in it and a 1/2 tsp. sugar and let it proof. Then i let the dough rise about 1 hour, punched down, cut into pieces, cut each piece and rolled into 3 balls and put in greased muffin tins and let rise for another hour. I baked it at 375, but it only needed about 15 minutes total. I brushed them with melted butter when they were out of the oven. They are really good, have a nice, flaky texture. So i think they will pass and I'll make them for Thanksgiving. I'm bringing Junior some tonight, we'll see what he thinks.

In Memory...

I was looking up a recipe for Cloverleaf Roll bread dough because i cannot find the box that has one of my favorite books in it, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, by Carla Emery. I found that she has a website but imagine my shock when i saw mention of her passing. She passed away on the day that I got back to CA, also my brother's birthday. I originally heard about Carla when I was living in Oregon and married. I had 7 acres and a mobile home that i shared with my hubby. We lived fairly remotely in the Winema National Forest. It was beautiful, we had a lot of tall majestic pine trees on the property and were about a quarter mile from a river. I was not working at the time, i had a 2-3 year hiatus and while home i learned to do many things from scratch and my homesteading bible was Country Living. My friend Sue up there introduced me to what she called "the Green Book" because her copy had a green cover as Carla has quite a story about the books beginnings and publishing and republishing. I borrowed her green book and fell in love with her writing and her knowledge. If you wanted to know anything about living in the country, anything, from digging an outhouse (ew, i wouldn't go that far), to raising farm animals for work or food, to growing a garden, to recipes. I learned to make bread from scratch from her. She had the best bread recipe that had milk and butter melted and a little sugar. This is an absolutely great book. There is a story in there about her and her family being in church and someone having made me cry, literally cry with laughter. I wrote to Carla, that was in the mid 90's and do you know that she took the time to write back to me! She was in Idaho at the time. When i moved back to CA in 97, i saw that she was touring and she was at a local farmers market. I HAD to go meet her and i did. Mom went with me, i introduced myself, she remembered me from writing to her and we had this great talk about divorce and moving on, it happened to her too. She was a wonderful woman, down to earth, caring, a wonderful mother. I am so sad that the world does not have Carla in it anymore.

November 20, 2005
Santa's coming!!

Here's some pics from my Aunt's house. This is what we did today. My dear mamacita went with me and it was actually fun. We worked about 8 hours and really got a lot done. There are still a lot of things to do, but you can see the forest through the trees. Is that the right saying? Well, you know what i mean. It was kind of nice to spend some time with mom. She only stepped on the brake on the passenger side a couple times and flinched a couple times, she's kind of calming down in the car.

I went to Junior's house yesterday afternoon and we had a really nice time. I like him. I like him so much i invited him to Thanksgiving dinner. Not sure he'll come, he was invited other places too. We sat and talked, he made me some homemade taquitos and guacamole for dinner, nothing fancy but good and homemade. I had some wine, i brought him a bottle of sparkling cider which he liked and appreciated i brought for him. We watched the movie Sideways again and it was a lot of fun. Then i got home and realized i left my opti-biotics there that i'm taking to feel better and do you know what he did...he called me back after he checked to make sure i got home ok, and offered to bring them to me so i'd have them today. This was at 11 pm. I told him no, he didn't have to do that, but he said it was no big deal and he wanted to. So sweet.

November 18, 2005

Here is the first sock of the Falling Leaves pattern although i had to make my own because the Knitty pattern made no sense to me. I used a repeat of 12 stitches for the leg. I used 48 stitches and it's actually too small. I think i'll have to frog it and redo at 60 stitches. They would fit a young girl. I could put them on, but they are too tight.
Can you see the lace pattern? This pic isn't the greatest but i like the pattern. Not sure i like the yarn with so much solid and then a random stripe. I think it would be nicer in a really variegated yarn, like in fall colors. Sorry about all the sock pics lately, but Pammi likes them!

Junior and I are talking now and i'm going to see him tomorrow.

I had an email from my friend John in MN. He's the one i met at church, he's a widower. We never dated, although i would have if he asked. He's had a hard time dealing with his wife's death. But it was good to hear from him, and we spoke on the phone tonight. He had to put his dog down awhile ago and really having a hard time with that too. We talked about some serious stuff tonight and i made him cry. He's going thru some depression, and i told him he's not alone, i'm here for him. I hope he's OK. He's a wonderful man.

November 17, 2005
Falling Leaves

I finished the Broadripple Socks today, you can see them under the Finished Objects on the Right side and here's some pics too. The colors are really not so bright as in this pic.

I really like them. I think they'll be a gift for a special someone.

So i found this pattern in Knitty for Falling Leaves socks and I think i'll make them next with the green yarn with a stripe. Not sure how the stripes will look, but i'm going to try. I started some Fuzzy Feet slippers to but thought my gauge was wrong, so i'm ripping out and trying again. I think it's because i'm using a rather small needle with Bulky yarn. I'm using a US5, a pattern in Knitty called for a 10 1/2. Oh well.

I was super sore today, did not make it to my orientation this a.m. I stayed in bed and slept. Woke up on my left side with both my hands and arms asleep. Didn't feel nice. I think i'll be ok and don't have to go to the dr. but we'll see.

November 16, 2005
i was in an accident today

Here's some pics of the ever entertaining kitty Tom! He's such a nut. He is so odd that he actually likes his tummy rubbed, he doesn't get upset like most cats. Isn't this cute!? He woke up long enough to look at me and reach his little paw out, but that was it. Do you see his extra toes, his thumbs? That's why he's named Tom Thumb, because he has little thumbs, he's a polydactyl.

I drove to see my Aunt who lives about 1.5 hours away to check out all her holiday decorations so i know what needs to be done on Sunday to decorate for her home tour. She's one of about 6-8 homes in that area that are being featured. It's going to be beautiful! She has so many decorations and tole painting that she has done that she will have a whole bedroom with nothing but snowmen in it. Then in her bedroom she will have all santas and gingerbread guys and gals in the kitchen. It's going to be spectacular and i'll take pics. But we went to pic up her granddaughter, my cousin's daughter from school and we were in her honda civic hybrid and she was telling me how much she loves this car and BOOM....this car makes a left turn, right in front of her, and there was no avoiding it, we had an accident. I was worried about my aunt but she said she wasn't hurt, her airbag didn't go off thankfully, and i was ok, but my back tightened up. The girl had a young child with her, he was under 1 year, it was scary. I thought at first she didn't have him in a carseat and i was pissed, but she did evidently. So the policeman came, she (my aunt) was able to drive back to the house about a mile away but no farther, it was leaking fluid. What a pain. The girl was apologetic and was concerned if we were ok, you could hardly get mad at her, even though my aunt's car was brand new and the girl didn't have current registration, no driver's license with her or insurance card. But she is insured and it'll work out. I am really sore in my neck and my back is tight, but i think i'll be ok. Taking some muscle relaxers and pain killers tonight.

I found a yarn shop in her town, went with my niece (who's really my cousin's daughter), who is a beauty and so much fun to be around. We went to a cute store called fanciwerks, they had a nice assortment, and look at my stash enhancement! Above. I got some dpns in a 5 to knit some fuzzy feet slippers that i'm going to felt. I don't have a pattern. I saw them unfelted on a blog, i wish i could show you, she had the exact yarn in that beautiful pink that my gimme some needles pal sent me (thank you again!) and so that's what i'm making. I started them tonight when i first got home. And then i got another sock yarn to start a pair and another skein to finish the toes of my Broadripple socks. Yeah! I love yarn, i love knitting!

Junior sent me an email that said "NOW THAT YOUR NOT INTERESTED IN ME, AND YOU HUNG UP ON ME I GUESS I CAN TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL ABOUT YOU! I REALLY DO LIKE YOU IREALLY DO CARE FOR YOU I REALLY DO HAVE YOU IN MY BEST INTEREST. I'M SO SORRY HOW ALL THIS ENDED UP, I GUESS YOU FINALLY GOT ME A LIL WORRIED. CAN YOU BLAME ME? I MMEANT EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT YOU IN THE PAST I DO CARE FOR YOU I WILL NEVER DO ANYTHHING TO HURT YOU BESDES MAYBE BEING IGNORONT ABOUT THE MONO THING. THATS THE ONLY THING IM GUILTY OF. I MISS YOU ALREADY.JR" Sorry about the caps, bad habit of his, but isn't he the sweetest thing. I read the first part and said, oh, here we go, and then he said something so nice. I called him tonight on my way home, we talked, he apologized, he wanted me to come over and i really wanted to but did not because i am tired and sore. He said, don't you worry about that. I may go over there tomorrow. I actually want to see him. It kind of feels weird and nice too to have this anticipation.

November 15, 2005
having a bad day

I'm really out of sorts today, feeling frozen and panicky, a lot of anxiety. And the guy Junior that i had coffee with last week and we had such a nice time, well we had a little argument and i hung up on him today. I shouldn't do that. He's been so sweet, so caring, so interested. We were on the phone last night until after midnight and we were suppose to meet tonight for coffee. I haven't been feeling well, tired and headachey, i've been down and sick since i got home, so he knew this and wanted to know more about the Epstein Barr and what he could do to help. How sweet is that? So i directed him to a website that talks about it, but the thing is, i'm not sure i have it because the only symptom is general fatigue, i have no sore throat, fever or swollen glands, and it says it's infectious, so of course, he's worried, he has a daughter to worry about. It just made me feel like crap. But then he said something to the effect, like i knew i was contagious, which i don't think i am, and why would i do that? Huh?? It just got really weird and i just cried, and i got so frustrated, i told him, you know what, just forget you ever met me. I feel awful. I'm never going to find someone to share life with...

Yesterday i went to my friends house and helped her with the twins and helped her clean and organize. It felt good to feel that i accomplished something and it was good for us to have some time together. This is the friend who was upset with me, but we're way past that, no hard feelings, it won't come up again.

I've started taking a supplement that i've taken before that has a lot of Vit A and myrrh in it, i'm praying it'll help, it did when i did have infectious mono.

I've only been knitting Cloths for Katrina, getting ready to send them out.

Oh, we saw the movie Sideways today. I loved it! Funny and entertaining and i love the wine theme. And also, it had a good story. Made me want to have a glass....but i can't. Mom and I are on day 2 of Take Off, which is a plan with LAWL where you drink this fruit drink that has supplements in it, and very low carb. It helps to jumpstart your weightloss. Mom said her jeans fit better this a.m. I know i've lost 2.5 lbs. since yesterday. It's probably a lot of water weight but i don't care, whatever i have to do to get back on track. I'm so sick of it. The weight. I just hate it.

November 12, 2005

We had our yard sale today at my friends house and we sold about $50 worth of stuff and my friend sold another $20 for us after we left. She sold about $90 today, but she had a lot of baby stuff that was possible. We're having it again tomorrow. Hopefully i'll get thru it without screaming at someone because they are so dang cheap...people bug me.

Took my brother to the mall with my dear mamacita today after the sale and for us to go to the Nordstrom Fragrance Extravaganza! It was way cool. They had a bunch of perfume reps there and there was major gifties and fun stuff there. I ended up getting a really nice perfume that i just fell in love with. It's new from Calvin Klein, called Euphoria. It's really lovely. Mom got one called, Laila which is exclusive to Nordstrom's too and it's really nice. Mom got a cute little pure perfume as a gift by buying Laila and i got some miniatures and body lotion of Vera Wang with my purchase, plus we got a whole bag of samples. I'm totally set for the year and my room smells wonderful just walking in. We then went and had a cup of coffee and then home.

I am totally beat and not feeling well with the Epstein Barr, i had to take a nap this afternoon, early evening and i still feel crappy. I can do nothing but try to take care of myself and sleep. But i have so much to do, and i have to get a job soon. I guess i'll figure it out, but i know i have to take care of me to feel better to get a job even.

I was suppose to go to church with the xdbf, which would be the first time i'd see him in like 7 years, but i think he's avoiding me. Whatever. I can't worry about it.

Going to my Aunt's next week to see about helping her decorate her house for a christmas tour coming up in a couple weeks. She's a toll painter and is decorating each room in her house and they sell tickets to tour these houses. I haven't been to one but i hear it's really cool. This is her first time and she's nervous and she seems to have faith in me, that i can decorate and know how it's easier to clean or decorate someone else's house? I'll do what i can and i'm looking forward to seeing it.

Only knitting has been Katrina cloths. I counted last night and we have 35 ready to send. We're still working on them and will mail when we finish these last 2 lb. cones of cotton yarn we got. I found 2 boxes of yarn stuff in my stuff in the garage but didn't bring it in the house yet. But i need to find some yarn because i want to start a lace shawl in the worst way. The yarn i'm thinking of is a chocolate colored baby alpaca, but i'm not sure i'll have enough. Have to check yardage.

November 11, 2005

Denise, the one i made the prayer shawl for, is back in the hospital. She was having a lot of pain and her leg started swelling (Not sure why yet), so they took her by ambulance to the hospital and kept her there to manage her pain. Today the word was that they are not going to do chemo or radiation because it's gone too far, she's literally filled with it. Does not look good for her. Mom and I took her granddaughters some food yesterday, sweet girls. The one asked if i was the one who made the shawl and she said that Denise was complaining on the phone that she couldn't sleep because she needed her shawl. It made me feel good that maybe she is getting comfort from it.

The dxbf called me back yesterday and i wished him a happy birthday, he sounded so down. He said it was no big deal. He said his daughter and me were the only one's to wish him a happy birthday. I told him i was happy he was born this day. He is desperately trying to get out of that house, she (the witch), tried to kill him practically Monday night. She is abusive physically and he won't hit a woman but it's getting worse and worse. She had a knife this time and cut his hand. She gets drunk and goes after him. I worry so about him. I keep telling him he has to call the cops, but he won't. She's his children's mother. Stupid reason, but he won't do it.

Junior has continued to call, he's really so sweet. He asked me to come over and he was going to cook for me, but i don't know him well enough to go to his place yet and i'm suppose to help my friend tonight get ready for our yard sale tomorrow at her house. We're not ready either. But whatever. At the moment it looks like it's going to rain. No, no rain, please!

I found 2 boxes of yarn but not sure i'll bring it in yet although i need to find a skein of lace weight alpaca because i want to start a scarf pattern i saw in Knitty. If i find it, i'll post it. It's a beautiful chocolate color.

Sorry, no pics right now. I just can't seem to get it together.

November 10, 2005

I called my friend yesterday afternoon and told her i was sorry if i disappointed her, she said, no i'm sorry, i shouldn't have freaked out like that. She said she was so stressed and upset with her auntie and then she thought i was coming earlier and she said she shouldn't have reacted like that. I explained that i guess i didn't communicate well enough because i was thinking afternoon and i did call, she stopped me and said, you don't have to explain, i was wrong for how i reacted. I told her her friendship was too important to let it go, so we both felt better i think and we're fine now. :)

Today is the dxbf birthday... i called him but no answer. I hope he's ok.

I had a coffee date with Junior last night and it was nice. I enjoyed meeting him, we had a good time, we talked and laughed. I think he's handsome, he has a cute, tight body for a 49 year old and he doesn't look his age. We sat in his car and listened to some music and talked...and kissed! He's a sweet guy, he seems to really like me, but i of course have the defenses up, we'll just take it slow, but i'm happy i met him.

Woke up not feeling well again. I think my Epstein Barr is back. I had mononucleosis about 2 years ago and that's when they found the Epstein Barr, it's a real pain, but i get like this when i'm stressed and over tired. I'm not over-tired, but i think it's a result of the move. I'm sick of not feeling well.

November 9, 2005
talk soup

Mom went over to Denise's yesterday to help her, she brought her a container of chili and a Betty Boop tote she found for her and she took the prayer shawl. Mom said i should have seen her face when she opened it, she really loved it, she wrapped it around her and said how soft it was, kept touching it to her face, loved the prayers i included. I'm happy she liked it and i hope it does bring her some comfort.

Been knitting more cloths, mom has found she likes to crochet them, so i'm knitting. It doesn't matter how they are made, people need them. The group is talking about evacuees going home, maybe not needing them, but there are so many other needy people out there. I hope that they don't give up.

I've been on an up and down with the dxbf (dear ex-boyfriend), he's suppose to be out of the house, he wants to start "dating" me, but then he also is so scared about starting anew. I have to let him figure it out. I am not going to take care of it all. Tomorrow is his bday. He did say that he'll go to church with me this Sunday, we'll see.

I have a coffee date tonight with Junior. We've been talking on the phone, he doesn't live too far. We have very different backgrounds but we get along well on the phone. He seems sincere, like a good man. So i'm going to meet him tonight and we'll see how it goes. I'm kind of nervous because i don't feel physically well and that makes me feel fat, but whatever. Take me or leave me. This is me, with the layer of fat, and when i get rid of it, it's still me.

No word from the friend. I'm going to call her today. I wished she would call for us to talk, but i will today.

I changed some of the formatting of the blog, i did something to mess up the sidebar and was trying to fix it, but then was able to change the font and color, what do you think? It's interesting to learn about html. What a bloggeek i am becoming. Blogging is good for me though, it's therapeutic for me to write about my life. And in the process i've met some really wonderful "friends".

November 7, 2005

My mom has a window full of violets. They seem to do really well in her kitchen window. There is one that has continuous off shoots, she's replanted them a bunch of times. The one is a beautiful orangey trumpet flower, very unusual, and the leaves are fall colors, a kind of rusty almost burgundy color.

She also has a lovely purple violet blooming: and this one is a Christmas cactus that i got when i got here and it's starting to bloom.

Lovely flowers today, best part of the day. It was a sucky Monday. I have been weepy and not feeling well, very emotional and anxious. It started with an early morning call from the ex bf, he upset me, we hung up on bad terms, then i was going to go to my friends house to help her, she said come over whenever, so i tried to get stuff done around the house, and then mom took the car and went to the mall to walk, i got on the phone again when xbf called to apologize, but then we got to talking serious and i started crying... i had called my friend awhile earlier to see what was going on and tell her i'd come up when mom got back with the car, but no answer so i left a message to call. She never did. Then i get a call after 2, from her, where are you? I told her what was going on, waiting for mom to get home and i'll come over, she says....OK? (You should here a pause between the O and K and a very long K with a lot of sarcasm)...and i'm wondering what is wrong? and then she says, well i've been waiting for you? And i forgot, but i should have said, well, did you get my message? why didn't you call me back? and then she got all pissy and says, you know what michele, just forget it...and hangs up! I couldn't help it, i just hung up in shock with my mouth open and cried. She hasn't called back, i'm not sure i should. Not yet.

I started journaling today, i'll write whenever and for sure at night and i'm going to write gratitudes. What shall i be grateful for tonight? to my mom who knew i was upset and let me talk to her about it.

I even took an Ativan tonight, because i was so anxious. It did calm me down, but i just feel like sleeping. Going to go to bed early anyway.

I finished Denise's Prayer Shawl, modeled by my dear sweet mamacita. I like it, it feels nice, it's a pretty fuschia color, and the fringe is going to kind of open up on it. :

November 5, 2005
OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!

Well, i'll try to contain myself but WOW OH WOW OH WOW, OH WOWEE, i had the sweetest and nicest surprise yesterday from my SP6!!!
I went shopping with my mom yesterday, grocery shopping and wasn't really feeling well because Aunt Flo came to visit. Dad says, Hey, Mitch, you got a package. I did? Where? From whom?...And here was this package from my SP6!
So i look inside and i have to say i think i have the most considerate, observant SP6, she's really gotten to know who i am and just totally surprised and thrilled me. Down to the pink and purple tissue paper inside, it was so special. Inside is a Spin Off magazine that totally made my day. I must explain that i am a magazineaholic, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE magazines and i'm trying to change this a little because i spend too much money on it and don't have the money, especially now. So i've made it out of 3 stores, no 4 stores without a magazine or book and that is a feat for me. So to get a magazine...ooh, it was delicious. And then there's my favorite White Chocolate Truffles from Lindt, way cool, and Lemon Heads, yum, and i'm puckering all ready, a really nice card, a set of beautiful note cards, very unusual, a CD that i haven't listened to yet, but can't wait, this took my breath away, a copy of Rural Free, A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living. I have been wanting this book for the longest time and looking for it, but could not find it anywhere. I mean nowhere was i able to find it, on online searches, etc. I put it on my wishlist only really to remind myself, but my wonderful SP6 found it!!! I saw it in the box, and my parents were there and i looked at them and sucked in a big breath, like NO WAY!!!, my parents didn't know what was going on so i told them the story. I don't know how she found it, but i can not tell you how much this means to me! It is just such a lovely book about a woman from Indiana and her experiences of farm life. Why would i be interested in that? Well, my mom is a farm girl from MN and although i was born and raised in LA, i appreciate that way of life. But her writing in this book is just so lovely. Here's a quote:
"Sunset often is spectacular. Perhaps at the end of a day the human need of drama is greatest. Perhaps the glory of the sunset is to suggest that there is more order than chaos in the natural world."
So today i'm running some errands with Mom, taking some paint and hazardous things to a drop-off site a little far away, and then i'm going to read my book....Yum.

November 3, 2005

Today was a day about art and creativity. A friend of the family who knows of my interests has a grandson whose other grandma is also into knitting, felting, etc so she invited us over today to her house and I met Sandy. Very nice lady. She showed me some of her works. Really beautiful items such as a jacket that she ironed on a design and used bleach to get a reverse pattern on it. She made these gorgeous scarves using some type of fusion fabric and hand-dyed ribbon and yarns. And she had two felted dolls with hand made clothes on. They were so cool. Then we went to lunch and then we went to an art exhibit of her groups works at a library in Glendale. She won two areas last year in purses, a gorgeous "Peacock Purse" too hard to describe, and a gorgeous purple felted bag. The work in the exhibit was unreal. They used a technique i had never heard or seen before called Shibori. It's a Japanese pleating and dying technique. There were hand felted items. Gowns, made entirely from scratch with beading and quilting... they were exquisite. I may go back in a couple weeks when the artists will be there for a reception and there is a talk from one of the artists. She gave me a list of references and some cool local LYS that i have to go check out.

Bad news was i've had a headache all day...still there. I'm going to bed.

November 2, 2005
My crazy cat...

*I've had a glass of wine and then my dad offered to make us a dirty martini, and how can you turn down THAT? .... so
Mom took this pic of our crazy cat Tom asleep on her bed, with his little paw over his face. Is he the cutest thing or what?
He was totally out.
Then i woke him up and he kind of looked at me, blinked, and said, oh, what are you bugging me for?

I've had a busy couple of days. Yesterday i went to the work source center with my dear mamacita and then i was able to sign up. Really cool place, lots of references to jobs, computers to use, fax machines. Then today at 9 am we went to an orientation and found out about more services. So i'm making a little progress, but no completed resume yet.

We were at Nordstrom at 7 a.m. (I actually got up at 6 a.m.) for their half-yearly sale which was a huge dissapointment. We looked in the women's section and i could not afford anything, we checked the shoes, nothing said buy me. I checked for my Duwop Venom lip gloss, they didn't carry the whole line. But we did get free coffee and a donut (we declined the donut, thank you), and we went to the fragrance section and tried some stuff, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is my current favorite, and then we got the sweetest, nicest lady there who sent up home with a BAG of perfume samples and we are also signed up for their fragrance extravaganza thingy on Nov 12 and we get a gift bag, a chance to win this basket of fragrance, the fragrance reps will all be there and we paid $10 today but can put that toward our purchase on that day. My friend signed up too and we're doing our yard sale at her house that day and then the 3 of us are heading to the mall with our loot to buy fragrance! It was so fun!

I talked to the ex today and he made me a little sad and a lot happy. He really is trying to quit drinking. He said straight out to me that he's been trying to quit and he knows he HAS TO. The good news is he's talking to me about it. He told me he's growing his mustache back (cuz i like it) and i thought that was so cute. He said to me, you know i've had a vasectomy, what do you think about that? I said, i'll take any kids God gives me. I said what do you think? He said... "I want to have it reversed. I want to have a child with you more than anything." I was surprised but then not. He loves me, he knows i would want his child. Just thinking about that makes me cry. Tears of joy.

November 1, 2005

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! This is my favorite pic of Halloween, taken by a friend of her doggies. Aren't they adorable. How she got 5 of them to sit still is beyond me.
This is our crock pickles that we made Sunday. They really smell like pickles but i think i'm suppose to wait 5 days. The anticipation is killing me. I so want to try one now.
This is a lovely butternut soup mom made Sunday. It's really yummy and so pretty i had to take a pic.
Here is my tulip bud cloth. I figured it out or made that darn yfwd work. I used the yfwd as the opposite of a yo, instead of the yarn going from front to back, i wrapped it back to front and it worked fine.
And finally, here is a pic of Tom, hiding behind the chair, but able to keep an eye on us. Pardon my mess, it's still there from moving. Going to do something about that today. Simba has been really sore the last couple days, yelping and i have to help her up. We have a lot of tile floors and i think she lost her footing and strained herself. Poor baby.

Self Portrait Tuesday

At the prompting of my dear sweet mamacita, this is my pic today regarding the theme of November - 'exploration of identity'. This is what she told me, i have a hard time saying this regarding myself. Ya, it shows i have things to work on. But what she said is that this pic represents me because it's beautiful and perfect and it's a new bloom. Just starting out. Again (that's what i said). And she related it to me. And pink is one of my favorite colors.