August 30, 2006
Dixie is gone...

Well, Dixie's Grandma, she was on her way out to her daughter's house tonight because she's being born tomorrow at 12:30. I ended up giving her Dixie. I first told her that if she didn't want her, if it wasn't her style or what she was thinking that it was OK, but she loved her and said she thought it'd look great in the nursery so I gave it to her. We didn't discuss cost...I'm slightly puzzled, but I know she has a lot on her mind, so she'll take care of it later. I think I'm going to make another one for me, not sure of what colors yet, but she was fun to knit and I need to have great pictures and details to publish the pattern.

I made the decision today. I booked our trip to Las Vegas. My brother is turning 40 and it's quite a milestone birthday in my opinion considering that with having Cerebral Palsy he's already lived past his life expectancy. I know that sounds a tad morbid, but truly it's the reality and I think this is an important birthday. My mom has been anxious and hesitant, not wanting to go to Las Vegas but frankly, it's not about her and so I booked it. I told her tonight and she was upset. She said she doesn't want to go. So I told her, then don't go and truly that's how I feel about it, I'll handle it myself if I have to. So I have a lot of things to organize and I know we'll have a fabulous time.

I also have a special visitor coming the last week of September. It's someone I met on eharmony, we'll see how it goes.

Got the yarn for the baby sweater/dress and I'm actually swatching! I'm starting to see the value in it I guess. Swatching that is. So another project is started.

August 27, 2006
Ta Dah! Dixie is here!

Dixie's Blankie
Here she is...What do you think? I like her very much. I haven't washed and blocked her yet, debating if I need to. I finished her Friday night. Good timing I guess since the baby who she is named after is being born Aug 31 by cesarean. So I'll get her ready for the grandma and see if she wants her. I really debated on what to charge because you never get your time out of a project but I also don't want to give away my work. I think I have a good figure in mind, I won't make a lot of profit but I'll get the yarn cost and a little more over that. I'm almost sad she is done, she was fun to knit. I have to get the pattern together now and then figure out how to get it published.

Took my brother to the mall this afternoon and then we had an early dinner at a BBQ place. It was really good but I'm having a bad tummy today. Just got home from taking him to his care facility, going to watch Intervention tonight and maybe some of the Grammy's.

Going to start working on my black/red cardigan now until the yarn for the baby dress/sweater comes in.

My boss is having a big birthday this week, going to make him a carrot cake, his favorite and I'm going to ask my coworker if she wants to go in to decorate his office. The following week is his wife's birthday, who is my other boss, so we'll do the same for her, different cake though. Her favorite is white cake with NO frosting. Can you imagine? But that's what her mom did and that's her favorite. Not sure how I'm going to do that.

And here's a pic of my crazy cat Tom. We are always surprised and it makes us laugh the places he can find to make himself comfortable. Mom was packing some stuff away and Tom decided it was a good place for him to nap.

August 22, 2006
Trivia Tournament

I hope you all will come and play the trivia tournament! Just click the button below and it'll take you to the tournament, you can play everyday! I'm not great at trivia and I'm not so fast, but it's fun!

August 21, 2006
Happy Monday!

Dixie is almost done, maybe tonight I'll finish the last 6 rows and bind off. Then I have to decide if it needs a crochet border, I'm thinking yes at this point. Then I have to weave in ends and wash and dry. I really like it and can't wait to show you finished pics! I've picked my next project which is Samantha! I love this and I have a special little girl in mind. I bought the yarn but couldn't decide on the color or type of yarn so I got enough in two shades and types of yarn. I'll decide when it gets here.

Yuki is coming tonight for our monthly body massage. Great timing, I've dealt with headaches/migraines all weekend. Yesterday I did get out of the house and meet a new friend for coffee. I got a little sunburned, it was so nice outside.

I've finished all my requirements for my company to be an appointed agent so I should know this week if I'm approved! It's gratifying that I've done it, it's behind me. So I guess it's time to make an update on my small goals and decide what is at the top of the list now.

Have to get to work, have a great day!!

I forgot to mention that i'm waiting on a shipment of cotton yarn for the dishcloth swap. I can't say too much b/c my gift recipient doesn't have a blog but she has my address and i'd like her to be a little surprised. I also finished one of her cloths in a new pattern i hadn't tried before that I got out of Creative Knitting. I like the look of it, and i also knit a wine cozy with the left overs, will have to take a pic of that for you, they are adorable. I think the wine cozies will be one of my Christmas projects.

This is fun!

I'm such a joiner! But this one sounded fun! Even though I didn't do so well I'll give it a shot!

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August 12, 2006
Promised Pics

I hope they like it!

August 11, 2006

Free Image Hosting at
This guy is suppose to be dancing for TGIF but i guess I couldn't figure it out.

Friday Fun! I thought this was so awesome. This is so fun, this video and I'm amazed they don't fall on their patooties. Check it out!

You Belong in Paris
You enjoy all that life has to offer, and you can appreciate the fine tastes and sites of Paris.
You're the perfect person to wander the streets of Paris aimlessly, enjoying architecture and a crepe.

I got this idea to take this quiz from Tori. It's funny because I have always wanted to go to Paris. My Grandmother would be so mad at me. For some reason, she did not like anything French. But I love all people.

Have a busy weekend planned, going to my Aunt and Uncles tomorrow to BBQ and celebrate my Uncle's Birthday. My cousin and her hubby from up north are suppose to be there! I haven't seen them in awhile and they just celebrated their 1 yr. wedding anniversary so I guess it's time to give them their present. (I'm so late) But I finished their afghan yesterday and i washed it so it's all nice and fluffy for them. I'm happy with it. I'll take pics tonight and post. It's a super secret pattern that I learned from my Grandmother years and years ago, I think she taught me to crochet when I was like 7 years old. This is the pattern i want to copyright.

Sunday i have plans to have lunch with an old friend. We reconnected after about 6 years. He's had some serious health issues but is on the mend hopefully now, i'm looking forward to seeing him.

I'll post later with pics.

August 9, 2006
Dishcloth Exchange

Come on! Join us! I like this exchange because it's cheap and easy and I have until October to complete. I can fit it in to my knitting schedule. It seems like a great group of people too. Take a looksee...

August 7, 2006
What gets you inspired?

Had a wonderful weekend, it was average temps but comfortable. I picked up my brother Friday after work, so we were able to sleep in a little on Sat. a.m. and it was a nice and relaxing day. I'm still fighting getting a cold, getting rid of a sore throat, but Airborne has kept it at bay. Sunday we took Gary to the movies and we saw Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell. We enjoyed it. It's got silly humor but we laughed and my brother loved it. Then we went to get some dinner, some dessert and a quick trip to the book store. I got a Vogue Knitting! I couldn't help it. My favorite issues are always the Fall issues. Hate to think of it, but we're transitioning already into the Fall season. There are about 5 sweaters in this issue that I MUST knit! ;) These two being my favorites.

And these socks/hose are absolutely sexy in my opinion. I want to make them.
I've found a new recipe that I love. It's called Tabouleh, that's how I spell it. I've had it before, there was a lady who made great Tabouleh in Minnesota of all places but I had never made it myself. So I saw this recipe on Moozie's page and decided to try it. The first time I didn't soak the bulgar wheat long enough but it was fine after sitting for a while. And I hand chopped everything and I wouldn't suggest that either. Do it the easy way and it makes the flavors meld better. The 2nd time I made it this Sat. and I soaked the bulgar for about 1 hour, drained it, put the parsley, mint, onion, and 2 persian cucumbers rough chopped and unpeeled. And then I pulsed it until it was chopped. I hand chopped the tomatoes, and I added 2 gloves of minced garlic. I only added 1 lemon because they were huge and I put salt in it. It is YUMMY! and it's a great side dish. My next try is going to be her hummus recipe. Tabouleh is a great way to get your whole grains in along with raw garlic and the mint and parsley have a great flavor. You'll have to try it.

So, during times when it's hot, or when you get so busy with the kids going back to school, what keeps you motivated and inspired to knit? For me, it's magazines and the new fall colors coming out. The colors of Fall are my favorite. I can't wait to start knitting some deep purples and reds.

August 5, 2006
Happy News!

I'm trying to not get a head cold, but really fighting this sore throat the last couple days. Taking Airborne which has helped so far.

I am SO HAPPY! I had really wonderful news yesterday. If any of you remember, I've had an ex-boyfriend who's been a friend for over 20 years and he has had some major problems with alcohol. It got to the point where he lost his wife, his kids, his home, he had no job. It was just tragic. The last time I spoke to him was when my Father was so sick and it was a really ugly conversation between us and I told him once again, DO NOT call me unless you have been to rehab and living a sober life because I cannot help you. Well I had said it so many times why would it matter and I'm not saying that this has anything to do with me because it doesn't but I have not heard from him since that conversation which has been at least 3 months. He doesn't even know that my Father died. Nobody has heard from him, his cell phones are disconnected, the old home phone was disconnected. My friends who also know him, nobody has heard from him. So my friend called his brother finally and Rob was in Rehab!!!! and he's done with Rehab now and in a halfway house. And to me I think that is a very promising sign because instead of going back to whatever life he has waiting for him from Rehab he decided to go to a halfway house and transition and I'm thinking that maybe this is his time to get healthy and to live life. I cannot tell you how glad I am to hear this news. I was afraid he was homeless and miserable somewhere. I don't know that I'll hear from him anytime soon, but I'm happy he's getting healthy.