January 23, 2007
This is a new day to accept new successes.

Simba is back home with us. I took Tom Thumb in for a check up and also brought Simba home. She's in a pretty redwood box. I wasn't sure how I'd feel getting her back, surprisingly I was OK, I felt the tears coming a little and my heart missed her, but I'm glad she's home with us. Tom Thumb is very healthy and doing well, but he was not feeling well on the drive home. He got 3 shots of immunizations and had worming pills shoved down his throat which made him drool. He had that unhappy kitty meow a few times on the way home, but once he got out of the carrier, he was OK. He won't be feeling well the next couple of days and you could tell this a.m. that he wasn't well, but he's eating and will be OK. He weighs almost 16 lbs! He's 2 ounces under 16 pounds and is going on a kitty diet. The vet said he should be 10-12 lbs. So that is very overweight. Poor Tom. I'll work on the weight gradually on my own with him. He also needs blood work to make sure he's OK and has to has a teeth cleaning, which they have to put him out for. It's so expensive so I'll have to do a little at a time. One of the girls last night popped in the waiting room and said, "Now I know why you look so familiar....you are Simba's Mom!" It made me feel great, they remembered Simba and they also loved Tom. I'm so fortunate to have found a vet like this.

I got a package from Knitpicks yesterday! I got more green yarn to finish the Vogue braided scarf and i also got some scrumptious Silk/Merino/Alpaca yarn in the most beautiful cranberry color. I haven't started knitting it yet, but I can't wait, it feels so yummy. I also got some dpns and some cool wood cable needles.

Many of you I am sure already read Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, but she had a post the other day that I think is brilliant. It's regarding how we think of diet's and her take on it, which I'm going to adopt myself. It's healthy and that's what should be important. Check it out here. I had to print it out and I'm going to read it daily until it totally sinks in.

Going to see the play Camelot tonight with Mamacita!! Can't wait.

January 17, 2007
Good News!

I had to share with you my good news. Today at the end of the day my boss came in my office and said that she and her husband (my other boss) decided to pay my health insurance! Of which, I had none, but they will add me to their plan and pay the premium. I have been having to go to a clinic for no insurance or medical people and while I received ok treatment, I still had to pay and they made everything difficult. And, I've been paying cash for prescriptions. I almost cried when she told me....I thanked her profusely and said what a load off my mind that was, and she knew but she told me again that I'm a valued part of their company and they want me happy. I'm so blessed. And yes, I'm so old, that this is a BIG deal to me!! This is a small business and it is not something that they had to offer me, so I'm very fortunate and thankful.


January 16, 2007
Today's thoughts create my future. I am in charge.

I got the Danish Oil for my wheel, and I dusted it off, tightened up the screws, but that is as far as I got I'm afraid. I need to find an Allen (I'm sure that isn't the spelling, but whatever) wrench thingie to tighten it up a little more and I hope to get it coated hopefully this week. So no spinning for me yet.

Good news for Mamacita! She has been working as a contract worker for an aerospace company for about 10 months now and wanted to get on full-time permanent for months. She has interviewed at least 3 times and disappointed twice but she was hired full-time permanent! I'm very happy for her because she was really worried about it, the benefits and all. So she's very happy and we celebrated with a nice bottle of Korbel last night! Yeah, Mamacita!!

My lunch is over...have a great day!

January 12, 2007
I deserve my good!

Yes, I deserve my good! And so do you! All the goodness in your life, you deserve! I like this one.

On my weekend agenda:

  • Get Danish Oil and redo my Ashford Elizabeth spinning wheel. Use the maintenance kit I ordered and get it in tip top shape. And...do some spinning! Woohoo!!
  • Knit on the VK scarf I started which has already turned out to be a bit tedious because you have to knit 6 cords 90 inches long! 90!! and that is working 9 stitches around and around and around... But I keep looking at the end product and deciding that it's worth it. We'll see. Have to order some more yarn for this project too.
  • Work on cleaning my room since I got these new sheets and I LOVE them.

I'm going to have lunch with a friend on Sunday too. I'm looking forward to that. Have a great weekend!!

January 11, 2007
I always find time to be creative.

If only the title were true. It's hard to find time to be creative. I read some of these blogs and it's overwhelming.... they can just kick out project after project and it's never ending. I haven't knit in over a week and my fingers are getting jittery. I have yarn and needles and the VK issue with the scarf pattern in my bag, but I haven't started it yet. There are so many projects I want to start, and I also want to get my spinning wheel in good shape and start spinning again. Then there are the UFO's that have been begging me to pay attention to them... In my perfect world... I'd do nothing but knit and spin and learn to weave and there would be no guilt that I wasn't getting other things done like paying bills, cleaning my room, cleaning the house, paying attention to the cat. I could buy all the yarn my little heart desires and then the fiber...I'd buy pounds and pounds and whole fleeces.

Woke up with a migraine starting but I'm heading it off with some caffeine and carbs and it's going away. Yeah!

January 10, 2007
I am bright and smart, and I can learn anything.

Please remember that the title of most of my posts is taken from Louise Hay's daily calendar. Wouldn't want you to think I thought I'm all that.... :) Well actually, it'd be better for all of us if we did think that, I mean about ourselves. But I'm a work in progress so sometimes it feels a little indulgent to talk like that.

It is amazing how little things can make your day. Today I had to take the van in early for service at the dealer's (which I love) and they are big enough to have a Starbucks in the lobby of said dealer. The Barrista complemented me on my hair and it made me feel good. So I'm having a 'feel slightly pretty" day. And then I got a new printer at work. It was pretty much a plug in and play and my boss helped me and boxed the other one up to send back. How cool is that?!

I slept like crap, by the way, last night on the new magnetic bed pad but mom talked to the person who gave it to us and seems you have to have it on the right side and right way and there is a tag on it explaining this....duh! So my magnetic fields were all screwed up last night! Hopefully tonight will be much better.

January 9, 2007
Today I remember how powerful I am!

I'm really working on the Losing part of Knitting and Losing again. I've started writing down all my food which seems to help me to be conscious of things and I'm doing Isagenix again, by having a shake in the a.m. and p.m. and a good lunch. I feel so much better when I do Isagenix, it's time to treat myself better. I am a Independent Associate for Isagenix so if any of you are interested, visit here. It's a great program to improve your overall health. No matter what you need, to improve your digestion, clear up acne, lose weight, or improve your wealth, Isagenix can help.

I am a lucky girl. I'm a believer in magnets and how they can improve health. It started with me buying a rather cheap magnetic bracelet from a catalog and it instantly improved my back pain. Almost miraculously. Yes, I was doing a massage 1 time a month, and my work station was improved at work, but the bracelet made all the difference. Then I upgraded to a nice quality Q-Ray bracelet and i'm a real believer, because it's helped so much. Well, as luck would have it, Mamacita has a friend who had a magnetic mattress pad and her fiance, well he doesn't like it. So she came over tonight and dropped it off. These things are not cheap but she wouldn't take money for it. I think I have to remake my bed tonight and try it out. I can only imagine that it will help me to sleep better and help my back.

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Grow some new friends.

Get your resolution here.

January 7, 2007
I Heart You!!!

It hasn't been a week yet without my sweet Simba. We all miss her a lot including the cat Tom. He was kind of whiny for about 3 days and needy. He'd be all over us when we got home from work and meowing but we couldn't figure out why. I think he was trying to say, "Where have you been all day and where is Simba cuz it's lonely around here. And who am I going to antagonize now, huh?..." He's getting better. I have found myself looking for her still, it seems quiet or I forget and go look for her in my room.

I want to say a huge thank you to Stacie, Tori, Tiffany, Bron, Michele (cool name ;) !), Ericah, Rebekah, Mammy, Susann, Paul and Ranger, Christine, Li, Jul, Mom, Sandy, Dock, Cecil and Zen Living people for all the caring thoughts and words. It was probably one of the worst weeks of my life and it was really sweet how you all were there for me and my family during the loss. We even got a sympathy card from the Veterinarian. I'm thankful to them too because they were so wonderful to me and Mamacita and Simba, they handled it so well and I'm a new and loyal client from now on.

This weekend I wanted to get out a bit so we got up earlier and saw a matinee Saturday of the movie 'The Queen'. Mom has wanted to see it for a while and there are only a couple theaters showing it around us so we went to an unfamiliar theatre. The movie was really pretty good, Helen Mirran did a great job although I heard she does not particularly like being able to resemble the Queen so well. The movie painted Charles in a much better light than I imagined. I enjoyed knowing more history of the Queen. Mamacita and Gary liked it a lot. Then we went to have some lunch and to Trader Joe's and then to visit Dad at the Cemetery. The Armed Services were suppose to have put his gravestone on, but they did not and we had a hard time finding his plot. We actually weren't sure where it was so we took the flowers home and now we have to ask the Mortuary where the gravestone is.

Today we were out early today too because my brother had to have his hearing checked at his care facility early. That didn't take long, so we went shopping at a mall and had some coffee and then came home for lunch. I'm pooped, I didn't get my nap in this weekend. I may just go do that now.

I got a VK today at the bookstore and there is a scarf in there I HAVE to make. Inspiration. It's in the holiday edition and I can't wait to show you a finished scarf.

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January 2, 2007
My dear Sweet Simba Lou

My baby, happy with Momma.
This was New Years Eve or New Years Day.
Simba and I posing for a Christmas Card in 1997 or 1998.
Simba and her baby pig.
Simba at Christmas 2006.

My sweet Simba Lou is gone, she's with the angels. I had to put her down this afternoon. She had her blood work and she was a very sick girl. She had a bad infection, not sure where but her white blood cells were soaring, she had major problems with her kidneys, liver and pancreas. And she had low albumen which is a part of her blood and was not letting her hold onto liquid. Her kidneys were the worst off and there was intensive fluid treatment they could do but they were not sure she'd come back from it and she'd have to always have kidney treatments. I just could not do it to her. She was 14.5 years old and lab crosses have a life expectancy from 11-15 years . The poor girl was down to 40 lbs. when normally she's 55-60, i was shocked to see she lost so much weight. And she had lost muscle mass as well. It was a very difficult decision but i didn't want her to suffer. My poor girl. I went right after work and my mom was already there with her. I just held her and then they let me hold her until she was gone. I'm having her cremated and I will keep her with me somehow. I'm so grateful to my friend Jul who was totally there for me and watched her this a.m. and took her in for me so Simba wouldn't have to be alone and my dear sweet Mamacita, she was there for Simba's final moments. She was so much more than a dog to me. I don't know how I'll function without her.

I raised Simba from 3 days old...she was abandoned and I had the good fortune to get her while living in OR and being married. I was working out of my home at the time and was able to take the time to be up with her all night, every couple hours to feed her queens milk from a baby cat bottle. She soon graduated to a regular baby nipple and she was a chomper. She came to me on her 3rd day with closed eyes and ears and a tail cut off by a razor blade and infected. She was one of 12 puppies and her mom was a full bred rottweiler and had a huge head. She had 12 puppies and they were all rotti except for my Simba. I knew she was the best one. She was so tiny and she was truly my baby. She was about the size of my palm. I took her to the vet and she instructed me how to keep her alive with the queen's milk formula and by teaching her to potty by taking a warm wet cottonball and stimulating her to go potty. The mom licks them to make them go, otherwise they do not know how and will die. When she opened her eyes, she saw me. Mom. I would feed her and then i actually had to burp her and to her dying day she sometimes would eat and come by me and want me to pat her back and she would burp.

She was my baby. She got me through my divorce. She protected me before our divorce. When stupid and I would argue, she'd get right in the middle of us, sometimes kind of cry and make us pay attention to her. She was my protector. She is in my divorce because I had to fight to take her. She is mine and he had visiting rights...but he never exercised them, not once. She was my confidante and she always was there to comfort me. She was my Mamacita's Granddog. That's what she called her. When she showed up today she said, I am Simba's Grandma and they didn't laugh at her. I held her to her last breath and she knew somehow that she was loved.


January 1, 2007
Life Makeovers

Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you a blessed and healthy and prosperous 2007!!

Simba is still not doing well at all. My poor baby. She's been throwing up and not moving much. Saturday I got her to eat a little bit of a roll with peanut butter. I know, i know, that may not be the best, but I had to try anything she might eat and i thought the peanut butter would be protein and sooth her tummy. She kept it down and had some scrambled egg too, but she did throw up later in the day, just bile. I'm suppose to give her the pills to calm her tummy and the anti-inflammatory, but stopped because she won't eat. I am taking her tomorrow to my best buds house and she is able to get away from working out of her house and will take her in for me. I didn't want to leave her alone all day and try to get in after work. So they'll run the blood work and we'll go from there. She's still drinking water but she's so so sick.

I'm not doing great either. I've been down all weekend with this cold/sinus thing. My body is not aching and the fever is gone and good thing because I'm alone at work tomorrow again with a temp. It'll be a day for me I am sure. I'm just worried that I'll have to make the decision to put Simba down or not...I pray I don't have to do that yet.

The title today is because I'm starting something new. A great friend of mine suggested I read some books by Cheryl Richardson and I did and I love her. She has this book about Life Makeovers and it has 52 weeks of things to think about and journal and exercises to do. I started a private blog to help me through each chapter and I'm looking forward to whatever positive changes are in store for me in 2007. For instance this weeks challenge is to write down 25 things you are most proud of accomplishing in 2006. It's kind of neat to think back and it doesn't matter how big or small the accomplishments are. I started today and I've thought of about 16 things so far. Would you make a list and would you share it with me? I'd love to hear it.

Today I learned about ipod's and wow, are they cool! My brother got an ipod Shuffle and i downloaded songs for him today. He loved it, he thought it sounded really clear and nice. I'm not going to tell him but I'm going to use it during the week when he isn't here... Shhhh, don't tell him, he's a brat and would have a fit. But I downloaded my Beatles Love CD and so I've got to listen! I also put KT Tunstall on there and downloaded 5 songs that he wanted.