July 31, 2007
I am the happiest person I can be!

The affirmation today makes me remember that you create your own happiness and so today, despite my trials and tribulations, I am a happy person. Truly I am. I have many things to be happy about and I'm hopeful for things too. I'm grateful also for my many blessings.

My ticker has changed! Finally! I'm starting to lose again. Could be the extra movement at the gym or it could be that I've been really good with my food. I've eaten fast food once since seeing Super Size Me. And I had that because we ended up at the food court and there wasn't really any good choices. That movie/documentary has really impacted me. I was talking to my friend about the movie while we were at a restaurant having a quick bite and as I'm talking to her I'm thinking about certain scenes in the movie and then I stopped.....she's like, what?..... I said, I have to stop talking about it, change the subject.... and so she started talking about some new beauty product, or her husband, I don't know. I was going to get ill, just thinking about it while eating.

The gym has stopped calling but now when I go in every time it's a hassle...have to sign this waiver, and by the way, would I like to discuss the memberships...no, i just want to work out...then Sat. this guy after telling him he was really rude and said, ok, go ahead, and left me up front and I wasn't sure how to get in because the one side you had to have a card, so I said, which way, that way, and he says..."Well, of course not, YOU are not a MEMBER.." Well, kiss my ass you rude man. I'm definitely going to have to complain I guess. I would think they'd be wanting to treat me better because I'm the one who needs it the most. I don't want to think it's discrimination but part of me thinks it is.

I'm starting a weight management class tonight thru my insurance. I'm looking forward to it, except the weigh in, measurement part. I'm open to learning and improving my health and I guess I'll have to deal with the uncomfortable stuff too.

Tom is happy now that Little Bit is gone, he's still not crazy about taking his medication but Mamacita said she thought he almost had an audible meow yesterday. Henry is still having trouble with his chin acne, poor little dude. He had some blood pockets and over the weekend I checked him and he had an honest to God hole on his chin, it was like they opened up, so he's getting the cream again and it now seems to be healing.


July 27, 2007
I listen to my intuition, as it always guides me in wondrous ways.

No call yesterday from the gym....YEAH!!!!

July 26, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #23

Thirteen things on Mitchypoo's mind...

  1. Trying to keep motivated to get to the gym 3x a week, tonight I go again.
  2. I really hate the gyms sales tactics and not sure I can get past that and consider signing up, may have to find another gym.
  3. If you read my previous post you'll understand my frustration with the gym. And do you know a guy called me AGAIN yesterday after work. I really gave it to him, but calmly and the dude had the nerve to tell me that he'd appreciate it if I didn't yell at him (which I wasn't), I said, "WHAT did you just say to me?" and then I asked for the manager and I have no confidence this will stop although he told me it would. I may have to complain to the corporate office.
  4. I'm worried and concerned for my cousin who is having a hard time. Prayers for her.
  5. I'm starting to take Usana Essentials again as a dietary supplement and I'm so glad because they make me feel better.
  6. I really like my hair curly. It's very simple to wash, put some goo in it, scrunch, diffuse and go! And people keep complimenting me.
  7. I love leather couches! Our new double-reclining merlot colored couch is so comfy and comfortable.
  8. I had to wake up twice last night to go potty. I know, TMI, but I'm happy cuz it means I'm losing weight again.
  9. My food has been really good, no fast food since I saw Super Size Me and I'm really working on eating healthy.
  10. I'm hoping to meet my best bud tonight for a knit night. We've been trying to meet for this for weeks.
  11. I love Proactiv, not to sound like a commercial but the stuff really works for me.
  12. The one good thing about working in an office is that I'm cool all day, I don't have to suffer the heat and humidity.
  13. One of life's simple pleasures is fresh watermelon and the other fruits available right now. You cannot duplicate fresh food.

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July 25, 2007
My body is very wise; it knows how to heal itself.

How apropos the above affirmation is for me today. I started my trial membership at the gym and it's embarrassing to tell you but I'm taking baby steps. I walked for 15 minutes and felt very accomplished. It's better than nothing and I have to do what I can until my body improves and I can do more. But I felt it after only doing that and this morning too. It's a good feeling though. I'll continue as long as this gym leaves me alone for awhile, they've been calling me on my cell, wanting me to come in to discuss memberships and/or give me a free personal training session, I've told them repeatedly that I haven't even begun yet and they need to give me time. So yesterday mid-day some poor girl had the unfortunate task of calling me for the same thing and this is how the conversation went...

Her..."Hi! This is So So from the gym and I'm calling to let you know you have a free session with a personal trainer! Would you like to make your appointment now?!"

Me..."(very audible)sigh....... K, I've been telling you people EVERY DAY since last week that I haven't even started yet and you have to give me some time. Geez, you have until the middle of August when my membership ends and I can tell you now that if this doesn't stop I WILL NOT want to know anything about a free session or a membership."

Her..."Oh, I'm so sorry, they should have written something down, I'll make a note of it and I'm sorry. Whatever you want to do is fine."

Me..."OK, thank you."

So we'll see if they call again.

It's really difficult to just get out there, there are so many people, and you see some who are there for social reasons only, and some who just leer at you, but that's OK. I guess I have to not pay attention to that and I am going to be uncomfortable until I feel better about my body. I'm there for me. There was one guy though who was running while I was walking, he came by twice by the time I made a lap, and I quite enjoyed watching him I admit. Talk about a bod! Oy. The body is a beautiful thing.

I haven't picked us my MS3 stole since Clue 4 was released last Friday. I need to get going on it but we have 2 weeks to work on this clue and there is no rush, there is no race and I'm not behind. I had to order another skein of the Alpaca Cloud (I know, I broke my yarn diet...) It came the other day, I spent last night after my work out trying to ball the skein while icing my ankle. Lace weight can be a real buggar to ball up. And why oh why can I not find my ball winder? Geez, it'd make life so much easier for me. I think it was packed away when my Dad died and we were cleaning. I know it was in the house and it's just hiding. I'll have to say a prayer to St.Anthony...he helps us find things.

Tom is on a course of antibiotics and he hates it! He doesn't like me shoving that pink stuff in his mouth. The Vet didn't see anything wrong and could only surmise that he may have an allergy. Don't know why that would take his voice away. But at least we know he isn't sick or hurt. And he's my chunky guy, almost 16 pounds! He's so squishy! And he's so happy Little Bit is gone...

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July 23, 2007
Are you a joiner?

Hi, I joined Secret Pal 11 tonight. Have you ever been involved in a swap? If not, I'd encourage you to go to the link and check it out. And if you are a pro at swaps, come join us too. It's really fun and a great way to get to know someone. It's been awhile for me, I think I was in SP4 or 5 it was over 2 years ago. So I'm ready for another one and I'm looking forward to meeting others, my pal in particular and enjoying the swap. Come join us! The deadline for sign-ups is July 31st.

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I know that I am worthy of love.

Somebody suggested I rent the movie Super Size Me and if you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. It's a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, and it's eye opening. He resolves to eat McD's for 30 days, 3 meals a day and if they ask him if he wants to supersize he has to say yes. It shows him during that month, he's monitored by 3 doctors and it is really amazing. He gained 24.5 lbs. in 30 days. It took him over a year to get rid of it. He became addicted to the food and I heard that to this day he still craves it. I needed to see it, I have a problem with fast food and I know it. And I feel like crap most of the time.

Awhile ago when I was truly eating healthy, I couldn't believe how much better I felt even after a weeks time, but then you stop once because of some life situation...and then you stop again because it's convenient or I'm lazy...it's a vicious cycle and I hate it.

I have started a trial membership at a gym closer to my work and I can go 3x a week, my goal is to go no matter what, even if all I do is walk. That would be an improvement.

Had a bummer weekend, not feeling well again. In fact, I thought Mamacita might have to take me to Urgent Care at one point. I'm having bad lower abdominal pain. It was all day Saturday and Sunday. The only thing I accomplished this weekend was some crocheting to repair my best bud's daughter's blankies and I made crock pickles.

And Little Bit, the kitty, has found a new home. Mamacita found someone who wanted him and although I was sad to see him go, I was OK with it. Tom was just so upset and crabby about the kitty. Tom by the way, is going to the vet today to have his meower checked. He goes to meow and it's like he has laryngitis. He seems ok, but I want to make sure.

It's raining and muggy today, I love it!

July 20, 2007
Friday's Feast #9/152

July 19, 2007
Thursday Thirteen Edition #22

Thirteen Things Mitchypoo forgot about kittens!
  1. This is what I found under my car yesterday morning. I think someone dumped kittens on our dead-end street. There was also a dead kitty in the gutter.
  2. He eats a lot, poor guy is kind of skinny.
  3. He meows a lot and is very persistent.
  4. They are very active, last night when I got home he was constantly on me and Mamacita, walking here and there. On the printer, on the keyboard. Wouldn't sit still.
  5. He bites a lot, he keeps trying to bite my diamond and pearl necklace. And my rings.
  6. He licks a lot, in fact I'm wondering if he wasn't weaned. I think he's trying to find something to suck on.
  7. Tom is down right mad, he's been hissing and is just grumpy.
  8. Henry isn't so bothered but doesn't really want a lot to do with him.
  9. They can get places you don't think they can. He's so tiny but he can jump from here to there and is not afraid to do it.
  10. He is constantly purring and kneading everything he touches.
  11. They like to walk directly under you.
  12. They will not move if they are sitting on your chair. Poor thing is going to get squished.
  13. It doesn't matter what they do, they look at you and you fall in love.

** Mamacita said we should bring him in, but we are not sure we're keeping him. She's trying to find him a home. I'm hoping she can't.

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July 17, 2007

I was kind of bummed over the weekend thinking about that poor baby boy and feeling bad for the adoptive parents who came to get him from MI and were terribly disappointed when the bio-mom changed her mind. Then I decided I needed to give the booties to another baby, but no responses. NONE. Until yesterday when someone from Ravelry told me about a truly sad story of a baby girl who's mother died during birth. So they were going to the baby girl even though they were baby blue.

Then today my boss told me the most amazing story! The bio-mom changed her mind again and the baby was given to them. It makes me feel bad for the bio-mom too, I'm sure it was a difficult decision and I feel for her pain, but ultimately, I care about what is best for the baby and I'm sure she made the right decision. So the baby blue booties are going to the boy and I'm making another pair for the baby girl. Now I feel better.

July 13, 2007
Gift Booties?

If you read the previous post you'll see the booties I made for a special baby boy. Unfortunately for the expectant new parents, the bio-mom changed her mind and the little boy is not coming home with them... It's a sad story and I can only hope that the little boy will somehow have a good life.

So I have a cute pair of baby blue baby booties and I've decided to give them away. The first person to email me at mitchypoo777@yahoo.com and tell me about a newborn in the United States who may like them, they are theirs. I'll be the Fairy Bootiemother and send them to them! I say only the US only because of the shipping costs. I hope to hear from someone soon because it'd make me feel better if a precious baby were able to wear them.

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I accept all the parts of myself.

Originally uploaded by mitchypoo777
I fell off the yarn wagon... but I'm justifying it because I didn't buy it to stash or for me. I bought it yesterday because there is a baby being adopted and I think he needs a pair of baby booties. My bosses nephew and his wife are out here from Michigan to adopt a child who was born 3 days ago at a hospital probably 10 miles from us. I'm a sucker for babies. I just had to. And I started and finished these last night after work. It took me about 3 hours total.

July 12, 2007
Friday's Feast #8/151

Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen Random Smells that Mitchypoo loves!

  1. Freesias. Real freesias around the house. Heavenly.

  2. Onions sauteeing in bacon grease. Best part about making our bean hotdish is you have to do this and it's so yummy.

  3. Puppy breath. I know...weird, but I like it.

  4. The smell of gasoline. Amazing I never became a huffer.

  5. The smell of sulfur, like when you light a match.

  6. Apple Blossoms. Oh, I can smell the trees blooming in MN.

  7. The smell of rain. Romance has a smell.

  8. Clean freshly laundered sheets.

  9. Mint ~ it's soothing.

  10. Neroli ~ It was in some skin care spritz water I had and it was delicious. I think Neroli is orange blossoms.

  11. The scent of a baby's hair. They are so precious.

  12. Coffee beans. They can scent a room or a car if you leave some in the car.

  13. Raspberries. Yum.


July 10, 2007

Originally uploaded by mitchypoo777
He's a photo hog... this is Lily Rose's Baby Kimono.


Originally uploaded by mitchypoo777
This is kind of a testing post. Trying to import pics from flickr. Let's see how it works.

July 9, 2007

Poor Henry still has swelling and bleeding on his chin from that dang cat acne. Wonder if I can use Proactiv on him? hehe.. The vet's office called to check on him and I told her it didn't look better, she said to give it a whole week. Today is a week and I don't see big improvements. And I found that Henry is a whore for Pounce treats and will let me do whatever if he knows he's getting a treat afterward.

I knit on the MS3 all weekend and although I'm lovin' the lace knitting it can be quite demanding. And I've had some froggin to do. I've started it over twice, but now I'm in the middle of Clue 2 and it's really fun! I'm taking down the sign up, the deadline was last Friday. If any of you are knitting MS3, please let me know, I'd love to know how you are liking it, what guess on the theme you have (I have no clue..), and what yarn and beads are you using?

I've ended up alone at work today. I thought the bosses would be back, and they are, but sounds like they got home late yesterday and so are at home today. And the temp I don't think was scheduled. It's fairly and uncommonly slow for a Monday so I'm glad.

Got a bit of a problem here though. On Friday the temp was busy doing something I wasn't paying attention, then she called me over, said she thought she messed up. The noise I heard was her trying to get the ice wall out of the mini freezer with a knife and seems she punctured it and it was making a hissing sound. This a.m. the ice is all gone, it stinks in there and I'm getting a headache. I don't even know if I should be here. (*Updated: My boss called in, I told him about the fridge and he said to throw it out. A guy down the hall helped and it's out of here and the smell is dissipating).

Going furniture shopping tonight with Mamacita.

Oh, I started a group on Ravelry!! It's called Cat Knits! Come join us if you are on Ravelry! And if you aren't on there yet, you've just got to go sign up so you'll someday soon get your invite!

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July 5, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #20

Thirteen Random Thoughts or Things going on for Mitchypoo!
  1. Had a wonderful 4th. Got to sleep in, be lazy drinking coffee and knitting in a.m.!
  2. We stayed in the coolness by going to the movies yesterday and going out to eat.
  3. We saw the movie "Evening". It was just OK in my book.
  4. I'm going to the dentist today for a full check up. I know I need some work done and I want to whiten my teeth. Will have to put the dentist in my budget. $$$
  5. I woke up super early on the holiday thinking about an issue at work. Not good. I hate that.
  6. I'm thinking about buying a new or used car.
  7. Our cat Henry has cat acne...poor kitty. It got infected on his chin and he had to have a shot. We have to give him oral antibiotic and cream. That's fun...
  8. I'm getting my passport because someday soon when I save enough, I'm going to Europe.
  9. Some kid blew off 3 fingers last night with a sky rocket...is it really worth it people?! Poor little guy.
  10. I'm knitting a lace stole/shawl with beads and I'm in love again with lace knitting!
  11. I need to lose 5 lbs. because I'm having major yarn withdrawals. MAJOR!!!
  12. I've been wearing my hair curly, because it's too hot to try and dry it and I really like it. Getting lots of compliments too.
  13. I bought a Tiffany & Co. sterling ring on Ebay. My first piece of Tiffany and I adore it!

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July 3, 2007

This is the beginning to my day off and 4th of July Celebration! Mamacita made me a dirty martini and it was so good, I had another... :)
We were going to BBQ tomorrow but it's so flipping hot out here right now.... We've decided to go to the movies, in a nice air conditioned theater and then we're going out to dinner so we don't have to suffer the heat. I think it's a fabulous plan!
I'm working on my Mystery Stole 3 and so far I'm totally in love with the project! It's rally pretty in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in the color Midnight which is black with navy in it and I'm using black pearly beads. They are subtle but quite nice. We'll see if I can get anything done on my day off.
Oh....I needed a day off. My bosses should go out of town more often. I've sold more policies than we did in total last month I think and they just keep coming in. It's wonderful and I truly like being busy, but it's also more stress. I think I'm handling it OK though.
What are your holiday plans? I'd love to hear. Happy 4th!