February 16, 2010
Being Bodacious: Chapter 3

In our quest of Being Bodacious, the new meme by Citizen Janey, she asks us to expound on an interesting question. What is in a name? There are many interesting stories, stories that I enjoy, when talking about why you were named as you were. My answers are in pink.

So, my darling Bodacious Ones, let’s play the Name Game this week.
•Why were you given your name? I was named after my Father. If I was a boy I would have had the name Peter Koichi, Peter being my Mother's Father, and Koichi was my Father's good friend in the Service. Those were the days when they didn't know if they were having a boy or girl, you got what you got. So they got me, their first born and so I'm not sure they had considered girl names. They were pretty sure their first born would be a boy. So my name is the reverse and feminine of my Father's name. He was Denis Michael and I am Michele Denise. 

•What does it mean? Well, it means a lot to me to be named after my Father but as some of you know I go by my nickname Mitchypoo. There is story there too. My paternal Grandmother ended up not liking my name. She was not happy that I did not have a traditional Saints name, like Mary, or Esther, or Theresa. Michele is a derivative of Michael, but that wasn't good enough for her. So she told my Mother that I looked like a Mitch Miller to her. She meant it to hurt my Mom I guess but my Mom was ornery and said, ya, she does look like a Mitch. So from the beginning I was called Mitch which turned to Mitchy or Mitchypoo.
•Has your name influenced you as a person / your personality? I like my name, I grew up having the old Beatles song Michelle sung to me, which never bothered me. Everyone knew me as Michele but still today my family and close friends call me Mitch or Mitchypoo.
•What does your name mean to you? For Valentine's Day my Mamacita gave me a pen that has my name on it, you know those gifts that you find with all the different names on it from a-z. Well, what is so interesting is she found one where they spelled my name correctly. With one L. I've never seen this before, anywhere and neither had Mamacita so she got it for me. Under my name on this pen it says that Michele means "An honest person who knows her own mind". I read that to Mamacita, she laughed and said, "They got that right!".


February 9, 2010
Being Bodacious: Chapter 2

This is the second week for the new Meme by Janey. It's surprising again how focusing on yourself sometimes is uncomfortable to do. For me it seems to bring up some not so good memories. Especially this week. And even though it's brought up unpleasant memories it has reminded me how I was able to move on and that is a positive. Here is our topic this week. Oh, please come and join us. Go to Janey's blog for all the details on Being Bodacious and please leave me a comment if you read this. I will visit you too.
So, my bodacious sistahs – this week, we all want to know what your personal theme song is… and why you chose it. Why it speaks to you and for you. How it makes you feel.

A Broken Wing
by Martina Mc Bride

She loved like he was the last man on earth.
Gave him everything she ever had.
He'd break her spirit down,then come lovin' up on her.
Give a little, then take it back.
She'd tell him about her dreams- he'd just shoot'em down.
Lord, he loved to make her cry.
You're crazy for believing you'll ever leave the ground.
He said only angels know how to fly

And with a broken wing,she still sings.
She keeps an eye on the sky.
With a broken wing, she carries her dreams.
Man,you ought to see her fly.

One Sunday morning, she didn't go to church.
He wondered why she didn't leave.
He went up to her bedroom, found a note by the window, with the curtains blowing in the breeze.

And with a broken wing,she still sings.
She keeps an eye on the sky.
With a broken wing, she carries her dreams.
Man,you ought to see her fly.

I chose this song because I remember a time when I was in the car and this song was playing. It maybe wasn't the first time that I heard the song, but it was the first time I HEARD it. I mean I really heard the lyrics and it became personal.

The song is sad is a lot of ways. My story isn't so tragic. Well actually, that is me minimizing my own truth. Truth is, some is very tragic. I've had some hard times. The point is that I was able to go on. That's the positive and uplifting part. I had a broken wing, I still sing, i keep an eye on the sky and I can fly.

This is many women's truth. Isn't it? Sometimes we don't know we have it in us to go on, but even then, somehow we find the strength and we do go on. Women rock! I love Being Bodacious!


February 4, 2010
Thursday 13

Because this is a meme whose purpose is to get to know "me" a little better, this weeks topic is 13 random things about me.

  1. I was named after my Father. My first and middle name is his name reversed and feminine. There was no particular reason my name was spelled with one L, but I like it spelled that way. Michele with one L.
  2. My nickname when I was very young was Rubberband because I was very tall and skinny and limber. Those were the days.
  3. I met Barry Manilow years ago while vacationing in Palm Springs. He was not a nice man and I've not liked him ever since. He's really creepy looking in person too.
  4. I did high jump in grade school and I was pretty good at it. I remember once competing at a meet and suddenly people were milling around and making a lot of noise. Dwight Stones was there and I'm not sure I even knew who he was at the time but I met him. I remember he was tall and had longer hair. He is in the USA Track & Field Hall of Fame. Besides this time in my life, i'm really not very athletic.
  5. I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I have just started using her products in the last year or so. Every product I use, I absolutely love. 
  6. I cut off my middle finger tip when I was 12 years old. I sat down on a canvas cross chair and it snapped. I had to have surgery because the tip could be sewed back, but I broke the tip of the bone. I had to wear a cast to my elbow for about 8 weeks. Surprisingly, the finger took, It looks normal and the nail grows. The only sign is a small scar across the tip and the finger tip dips in because the bone is gone.
  7. The only food item that does not agree with me at all is Dijon mustard. It's so odd, but if I eat dijon mustard or a sauce has it in it, it 9 times out of ten does not agree with me. I taste it for days. No kidding. It's a shame too because I really like Dijon.
  8. I  used to raise chickens, laying hens when I lived in Oregon. I miss my chickens. I loved them so.
  9. I chose the Saint name Valentine when I was Confirmed. I've always been into the romance.
  10. My favorite place that I've visited was St.Thomas in the Caribbean. I went on a cruise years ago with some female coworkers and we had a lot of fun. St.Thomas was so gorgeous. The turquoise water, the white sand. It had a different feel.
  11. My favorite food is cheese. Which I am not suppose to be eating right now. I'm doing OK staying away from it, but I miss it, always.
  12. My new favorite TV show is Modern Family, with The Middle right behind it. Soooo funny!
  13. My favorite band in high school was Rush. Totally in love with them and I have gone to eight of their concerts. Once, while kind of between boyfriends, I dated a guy because he asked me to a Rush concert. I was not so much into him but I wanted to go to the concert. The boyfriend found out about it too and was not happy.

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February 1, 2010
Being Bodacious: Chapter 1

Janey at Confessions of a Middle Aged Suburban Diva has started a Meme for women. A meme which means it's all about ME. But it's also for women to support each other. I think it's a fabulous idea. So here goes. You can go to her blog to read all the details but to begin we are to blog about this topic: Finish the phrase: “One thing I love about my body is…”

Deep breath here. OOhhh, maybe this will be harder than I thought? But the more I think of it, the more I realize that it seems like a tough subject because I've been conditioned to think something is wrong with me. If you asked me in my 20's I would have had no qualms about what to write. I could have written about being so thin that I had to be careful laying on my back in a bikini because you could see straight down my bikini bottoms. That's how thin I was and my hip bones jutted out. Or that I was tall and lanky and I had great legs. My boobs were proportional but on the large side and I had a rack. I still have a rack, but it's bigger, like a gun rack.

So, the one thing I love about my body is my toes. I have smallish, cute toes. I do not have a longer second toe or large toe knuckles. I have small, slightly squarish nails. I do not have any corns or bumpies on my toes. Men seem to love my toes too. But hey, don't touch! I do not like people to touch my feet. Feet are intimate and if you aren't giving me a pedicure, or we aren't intimate, don't touch! It is not the only part of my body that I love, but it's one that I wanted to share with you.

If you are participating and read this, a comment would be most appreciated and I will return the favor.