February 16, 2010
Being Bodacious: Chapter 3

In our quest of Being Bodacious, the new meme by Citizen Janey, she asks us to expound on an interesting question. What is in a name? There are many interesting stories, stories that I enjoy, when talking about why you were named as you were. My answers are in pink.

So, my darling Bodacious Ones, let’s play the Name Game this week.
•Why were you given your name? I was named after my Father. If I was a boy I would have had the name Peter Koichi, Peter being my Mother's Father, and Koichi was my Father's good friend in the Service. Those were the days when they didn't know if they were having a boy or girl, you got what you got. So they got me, their first born and so I'm not sure they had considered girl names. They were pretty sure their first born would be a boy. So my name is the reverse and feminine of my Father's name. He was Denis Michael and I am Michele Denise. 

•What does it mean? Well, it means a lot to me to be named after my Father but as some of you know I go by my nickname Mitchypoo. There is story there too. My paternal Grandmother ended up not liking my name. She was not happy that I did not have a traditional Saints name, like Mary, or Esther, or Theresa. Michele is a derivative of Michael, but that wasn't good enough for her. So she told my Mother that I looked like a Mitch Miller to her. She meant it to hurt my Mom I guess but my Mom was ornery and said, ya, she does look like a Mitch. So from the beginning I was called Mitch which turned to Mitchy or Mitchypoo.
•Has your name influenced you as a person / your personality? I like my name, I grew up having the old Beatles song Michelle sung to me, which never bothered me. Everyone knew me as Michele but still today my family and close friends call me Mitch or Mitchypoo.
•What does your name mean to you? For Valentine's Day my Mamacita gave me a pen that has my name on it, you know those gifts that you find with all the different names on it from a-z. Well, what is so interesting is she found one where they spelled my name correctly. With one L. I've never seen this before, anywhere and neither had Mamacita so she got it for me. Under my name on this pen it says that Michele means "An honest person who knows her own mind". I read that to Mamacita, she laughed and said, "They got that right!".



Blogger Knittingknutty said...

I grew up hating my name but now I love it.

Blogger just me said...

I grew up never thinking much about my name up to the moment when my grandmother told me how it came that I have THREE of them. As I was told, mother gave birth to me on April 15 just before dawn at home. Grandmother and a midwife assisted her. My dad was wondering up and down the little hallway until he heard my scream. Well he said I scream like Rita one of his best female childhood friends. Mother wanted me to be called Renate… well grandmother was the one registering my birth, and guess what… she was to name me if I would have been a boy Viktor… so she decided I am a Veronika, after all she was to be my godmother as well. I believe my mom was angry my dad was just happy that I was healthy and noticed I am loud, louder than my two older siblings when they were born. Eventually I ended up with the nickname “Verona”. So I am going both way, depending in whose company I am at. When in Germany people always said…. Ah.. “Veronika der Lenz ist da”, (Veronika, spring time has arrived) In America, people hear my name and say, Ah… “Veronica Lake”… I like my name… Thanks Grandmother! Oh, and I am still "loud" as my dad mentioned the moment I let my first cry out.

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