June 1, 2010

I'm giving myself a challenge. I'm going to blog everyday for the month of June. I've seen mention of this on other blogs but never looked into it before. I decided to finally look into it and I needed to give myself a challenge. I don't know how it all works, I'm figuring it out as I go but I want to give it a try. If you'd like to see what it's all about go check it out. There is a theme for the month and the theme is "Now". Huh, introspective.

Now. It's the end of the long Memorial Day weekend. I went to my friend Anne's Sons 21st Birthday party on Saturday. It was a nice party, she had it in the backyard and she had a taco bar which was really good. I don't know where she found this guy, but he had this large grill type thing that he cooked Al Pastor meat, Carne Asada and Chicken for soft tacos. Cilantro, onion, green and red salsa were also available for the tacos. My cousin talked me into having a shot of Jaeger. I had a 1/2 shot and I really didn't care for it. It was like really bad NyQuil. I like NyQuil better.  I did a blueberry jello shot, I think it had vodka in it. And I had a glass of jungle juice which was tiki punch with i don't know what kind of alcohol. There were a bunch of 21 year olds there, they were expecting about a 100 people. They also had 2 bands, one was a Ska band. It was very loud but I actually enjoyed the music. When the kids started moshing, my cousin and I were a bit scared. I asked my 17 year old niece if this was normal dancing behaviour, she told me it was. Made me feel old. I mean these kids were not dancing, they were jumping up and down and sideways and the purpose was to slam into the other people. Guy, girl, no matter. This one girl who was one of the first to be out there was getting slammed by a guy, and she didn't care, she slammed right back into him. I couldn't believe it. It made me remember back to one time that I went to Hollywood to some club, I think it was The Whiskey to see Oingo Boingo  and I remember there being a mosh pit but it didn't seem so violent. Maybe it was, but I was never into that kind of dancing.

At one point my cousin and I were having a nice conversation and then when the bands started playing it was so loud we couldn't hear each other, so I thought it was quite comical but we started texting each other to talk! We just continued our conversation by texting. We were sitting like a foot apart but texting. It was hilarious.

Overall, we had fun, but we both at one point decided it was time to go. And I heard later that "all hell broke loose" after we left. I guess when you have that many young people, 2 kegs already gone after 4 hours, bottles of Jaeger, jello shots, and other bottles, something is bound to go wrong. And so it did. It involved 2 guys talking smack over the same girl, one was dating her now I guess and words were exchanged and someone broke my friend's plate glass window. People were kicked out, people snuck back in, the Police were called. I heard the cops were very helpful and understanding. Glad for that, but I felt bad for my friend because her son was upset too, he felt those guys ruined his birthday and he promised his Mom that nothing would happen. Guess you can't promise that. Not at that age.



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