June 3, 2010

The theme for NaBloPoMo is NOW. So I started writing about what is going on NOW with me.

NOW today after trying to pay attention, learn, and make changes to have a happier gall bladder things are changing. I tried not to have coffee yesterday, coffee is on the naughty list and instead I had tea but I woke up ended up with a headache last night. I had a fitful night of sleep and woke up with the headache. So I had coffee this morning. And it didn't bother me. I'll have to work on the weaning off of coffee. But slowly. I also made some flax seed tea. It's suppose to be good for your gall bladder. I got whole flax seed and in 2.5 cups water i boiled 1 Tbsp. flax seed for 5 minutes. Then you let it steep for 10 minutes and then drink. I added a little agave for sweetness and was happy that it did not have a strong taste. Hey, whatever works.

I had to wait for the maintenance guy between 8-12 today so I got in the shower early and was ready. Usually when they give you a 4 hr. window you don't see them until the last hour or later. To my surprise, he was here at 8:05. But of course the rack we wanted replaced b/c there are rusty parts on it, is not covered. It's always like that. I honestly wonder if having the yearly contract is worth the money. And when Mom called to schedule she asked to have the dishwasher looked at too, she made sure they  could be done at the same time, and of course they assured her they could. But the first guy didn't have an order for it, so he wouldn't do it. So then I had to wait still.

People do not know what customer service means anymore. It's so irritating. And this particular company is going down the drain in my opinion. I don't think I'd buy a major purchase from them anymore.

I ended up taking a nap this afternoon to try to get rid of the headache and it helped. But now it's late and I'm not tired. I'm going to bed anyway and going to read and try to get some sleep. I feel much better when I get normal rest.

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