June 6, 2010

I heard really awful news from my Ayurveda practitioner Eleni. She is my yogi. I had called her last week when I was having a gall bladder attack to see if she had any ideas of things to do to help. She never called me back which was odd but I didn't think too much of it. She called me yesterday and apologized for not calling me back and then she told me that Roxy, her Miniature Pinscher dog was bit by a snake while they were hiking and that she passed away. Oh, I was so shocked and so upset for her and it made me cry. It makes me feel like crying writing this now. It made me think back to how hard it was for me to lose my beloved Simba in January of 2007. I know how attached she was to Roxy, and like my Simba, she was like her child so this loss is very painful. When I go see Eleni I go to her home and Roxy was always there to greet me with a series of barks to let me know who the boss was and she would warily check me out. She'd often sit on the couch near me, but not next to me, constantly having an eye on me until she fell asleep. She would sniff my hand, sometimes let me pet her but her true love was Eleni. I will miss her barking at the mail man and anyone who dared to come to their house. She was a sweet dog and I know she is missed. I hope Eleni and her husband's pain from her loss will ease sometime soon.

We went to a local Farmer's Market yesterday morning. It's a little farther drive than the one on Friday at a closer nearby town, but this market is so worth the drive. It's really nice to see what is available and we are fortunate in Southern CA that we have this bounty available so early in the season. We got some more sweet Texas onions and more baby fingerling potatoes. This week's mix of potatoes had really tiny purple tomatoes in it. So cute! We also got apricots, heirloom orange tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cat grass, no salt seasoning, sourdough bread, kale and oyster mushrooms.

Last night I made a really good saute of caramelized onion, baby potatoes and mushroom. This food is of such good quality that I don't season very much because I want the sweet goodness of the caramelized onion to come thru, also the tender wholesomeness of the potatoes and the mushroomy goodness. I did put a little salt and pepper, but that is it.

I am not doing well giving up coffee in the morning. I just don't want to and the headache from not having caffeine is just awful. I'll still try to limit the amount of coffee but not sure I want to give up.



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