June 7, 2010
What a day!

It was a busy day for me. I took Mamacita to the airport this morning, she's back in MN visiting family. Sounds like it will be rainy for the most part and I'm hoping they don't have tornadoes while she's there. The traffic getting to the airport was not bad. Then on the way home I stopped to see about renting a truck and/or trailer to go pick up the electric hospital bed I found for my brother to have here at the house. He's always had a regular bed but this bed is really kind of low and it's getting harder to dress him. Plus he will be more comfortable being able to adjust himself. We will probably wonder why we didn't get this type of bed a long time ago. So I arranged to pick up the truck trailer at 1 pm, then I was out to the Valley to meet the guy to look at the bed. I just hoped that it was a good bed and deal. And it was. It's a top of the line bed, I've seen them online for over $5K, we paid a fraction of that. It also came with a special mattress for it, so I was thrilled.

And I was lucky because the guy I bought it from was really a decent man. He so helped me by picking the right bed, moving it into the trailer for me, and we're talking a 500 lb. bed that he was able to manage himself because I really wasn't much help. He helped me tie it all down. I was very lucky. Then I had a drive back and then I had to figure out how to get it to the house. Well it seemed easy enough. I should be able to drive up my hilly street and then back up and back into our driveway. Um....no. I'm sure someone was laughing at me. So my neighbor saw me and came to help. He didn't manage to back the trailer in the driveway either, but he got it straight on the street and somehow he got it down the ramp and then I don't know how but he and I just went with it and got it up my driveway. But then it was too wide to get thru the doorway! So we had to get it on it's side using a dolly. Then my really fantastic other neighbor named Junior came home, saw what we were doing, and came to help. I saw him, and I was so happy, and I told him I was hoping he'd come home soon. So between the two of them we were able to get on the dolly, down the hallway, around the corner, and then another corner where we almost really got stuck, and then I had an idea how to move it, and it worked! We got it in his bedroom and then they got it back on it's wheels. Whew!! So today I'll set it up for him and get his other bed out of his room.

Then I needed a nap.



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