November 20, 2005
Santa's coming!!

Here's some pics from my Aunt's house. This is what we did today. My dear mamacita went with me and it was actually fun. We worked about 8 hours and really got a lot done. There are still a lot of things to do, but you can see the forest through the trees. Is that the right saying? Well, you know what i mean. It was kind of nice to spend some time with mom. She only stepped on the brake on the passenger side a couple times and flinched a couple times, she's kind of calming down in the car.

I went to Junior's house yesterday afternoon and we had a really nice time. I like him. I like him so much i invited him to Thanksgiving dinner. Not sure he'll come, he was invited other places too. We sat and talked, he made me some homemade taquitos and guacamole for dinner, nothing fancy but good and homemade. I had some wine, i brought him a bottle of sparkling cider which he liked and appreciated i brought for him. We watched the movie Sideways again and it was a lot of fun. Then i got home and realized i left my opti-biotics there that i'm taking to feel better and do you know what he did...he called me back after he checked to make sure i got home ok, and offered to bring them to me so i'd have them today. This was at 11 pm. I told him no, he didn't have to do that, but he said it was no big deal and he wanted to. So sweet.


Blogger Juli said...

Very pretty decorations! I'm glad you and your mom had fun! :)

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