December 31, 2005
Happy New Years Eve!

I'm not feeling great about much of anything right now. It's been a rough couple of days. And i DID get a cough from that little heathen at the movies the other night. I started coughing yesterday afternoon, this really annoying dry cough and my throat hurts. Took some of my mom's old cough medicine with codeine in it and i was able to sleep last night. But still have it today. So I had plans today to go to my friends house and she was going to make a prime rib and we were going to enjoy her hot tub and a bottle of champagne once the kids were to sleep but now i'm not sure i should go. It's raining....and I don't want to get her girls sick...and a part of me wants to go to bed right now and just hibernate. Not sure what i'll do, but it looks like i'm staying home.

I'm not speaking to the beau, he's tried calling and im'ing me, but i'm not talking to him. My gut is still telling me to move on, which i'm going to do. But right now i'm feeling a tad sorry for myself i guess. Will i ever find a decent man to share life with? Are there any out there? I mean really, what are the chances of finding someone who is nice and decent and over 40 years old without a lot of baggage and someone who wants a normal life, who still has ambition and wants to start a life with someone. Slim.....very slim i think.

I have pictures to take and lots to show you but i can't right now. But i started a lace scarf from Knit Picks called Dainty Bess. It's the reddish brown one on the left. And i just figured out that i started the scarf in the yarn for the shawl...what an idiot. So i have to frog about 6 inches i completed so far and then i have to restart in the alpaca yarn that it calls for. I'm enjoying lace knitting though. It keeps my mind busy.

Got this idea from here about doing a Gimme 3. Perhaps you'd like to do one too? Not sure i want to make resolutions this year. Too much possibility of failure, but I can handle answering this Gimme 3.

*If money were no object this past Christmas, what are 3 gifts you would have bought, and for whom?

  1. A beach house for my family and I to go to on the weekends within 1 hour away. Just somewhere for my mom to get away and relax and not worry about having to cook or clean or anything like that.
  2. A new house for my friend who has twins. A house with enough room for all of them so she wouldn't be so stressed.
  3. A car for someone who was in need, someone with children who couldn't afford a car right now.

*If you could have done 3 things differently this year, what would they have been?

  1. I would not have dated Eric.
  2. I would not have met Junior.
  3. I would have moved back to CA sooner.

    *What 3 things do you hope happen in 2006?

  1. I hope to meet a decent and caring man to share life with.
  2. I hope to find a job that i am happy with.
  3. I hope to find a way to start our knit cafe.

I want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2006! I know that the new year has nothing but good things in store for all of us. Even the bad things in our life are meant to be, but there's also good things to look forward to. Celebrate, but be safe! Hugs to you all!


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Happy New Year! It's a fresh new start and wonderful things will happen!

Blogger ohhmama! said...

Oh you poor sweetie! I am sorry for the cold, and for the horrible men that you have run into in the past year. All I can say is to trust your gut. You are beautiful and talented, and when you least expect it your prince charming will whisk you away. It will happen, I know it. I have had my fair share of pigheaded men in my life, trust me. After approx 16 years of thinking ALL men were horrid creatures, I was able to find that there are some very wonderful men, they are just hiding in special places. He will find you. It only takes the one!

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