December 2, 2005

I had my map added to the left hand side and did something wrong and lost it, so it's there now. I'm so excited that 3 of you have added yourself to the map! Hi Julie and Tori and Wendy! Julie has a great recipe for Divinity on her blog and Tori is busy making really cute fuzzy feet slippers (which i'm trying to make too but with Bulky and it's not going well without a pattern!), and Wendy is the one i got the idea to do Broadripple Socks, which is a cool pattern, but i like the yarn she used better.

I had a date with Junior last night and it was really nice. He took me to this great Mexican restaurant, we had a very nice dinner. Then we went to get a few groceries for him and i got some Hagen Daz Coffee ice cream for dessert. Then we went to his house for some cuddling and TV. We hit a bump in the road late last night, but i think we'll be OK. I forgot how much work it can be to be in a relationship.

It's rainy today so no yard sale, not sure we'll be able to have it tomorrow either. So we're decorating the house for Christmas. And I'm putting together an invitation for family online for our Christmas Eve Celebration. There's a cool site online where you can create an online invitation. Take a look if you are interested. Evite.


Blogger Tiffany said...

The pattern for the fuzzy feet slippers is at if you want to use a pattern. :)

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