December 23, 2005
It's almost here!

One of my best girlfriends was here last weekend for an early Christmas present for her kids. She brought hubby and 3 of 5 kids out to go to Disneyland. I haven't seen her in about 3 years. This is her on the left. She's sickening! She's had 5 kids and she's like a size 3 and has this gorgeous shape. So not fair!
She looks so young to me. Actually, she just doesn't age much and has turned into a beautiful woman. My parents really enjoyed seeing them, I did too! Here's her and the whole family (well missing the 2 older kids who are back in AZ).

I was busy knitting a pair of special sized socks for my Aunt on Thursday morning. They are special because they have a slightly bigger cuff and not so much elasticity and she has rather large feet so they are slightly bigger. I sure hope they fit and she likes them. They aren't able to come out for Christmas Eve so we were exchanging gifts when my uncle stopped by Thursday afternoon. I got them done. See...

Junior and I had a good day yesterday. We went to the cemetery and put flowers on his Mother's and my Grandmother's grave. We also visited his brother's grave. He wasn't sure he could go to his mothers grave yet. She's been gone since July but he did it and felt good that he did. Then we went to go visit my brother and then we went to the mall and had some dinner and I did some last minute shopping at Nordstrom for my dad for my mom and I got a Cook's Magazine for mom so I can get her a subscription. She doesn't like a lot of mags (unlike moi....) but loves that one so I'll get it for her.

My back has been really bad today. I had to take pain meds and a nap because of it.

I baked some holiday cookies today. After icing my back and before the nap. Can't believe it's already here.

I want to wish all of you who celebrate this Holiday Season a wonderful holiday and wish you a prosperous and healthy 2006!


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Merry Christmas!!

Blogger ohhmama! said...

I just wanted to say hey, and appologize for my horrid family and their comments! I hope you know what a beautiful person you are. You are so sweet and I love your blog. You are also a great writer (& knitter too) :)

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Brandi, thanks for stopping by. But you do not have to apologize for your family. I consider the source. I posted a comment for you, to support you because i think what you are doing is right, i don't care what they say. No worries sweets! And thanks for the nice comments!

Blogger Tori said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year! Can you believe, 2006?

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