December 1, 2005
Please add yourself to my map!

I've added a frappr map to the blog and i'd love it if you are reading this to add yourself to my map! You can go here to add or there's a link on the left hand side to my map!

I've been at my friend's house the last two mornings to help her with her twins and to help around the house. She's a bit overwhelmed with an 8 year old and twins who just turned 3. I did a lot of cleaning and sorting and throwing out and putting stuff in my car for our yard sale this weekend for her on Tuesday and yesterday i went grocery shopping for her and also cooked. I made her and family a pot roast with roasted mushrooms, carrot, potato and she wanted me to make her sauteed chicken breast with cream sauce for lunch. She made a green salad. The chicken breasts are so easy. I just season with salt and pepper, a little garlic salt, put the pan on medium high, add some butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, when hot, add the chicken breasts and leave alone for 5 minutes, turn, another 5 minutes, then put in a preheated oven at 400 for 5 minutes. They come out tender and juicy and most of all, putting them in the oven cooks them in the middle perfectly. Then you take the pan drippings and add cream, scrape the bottom to get all the goodies and flavor and then let it bubble a little. Turn it off and it'll thicken a little. Low carb but not low calorie!

Went to church with Junior last night. It was nice to go with him. But the service was a bit long. Sunday's aren't so long. We have a big date tonight. He's taking me to dinner! He sent me an email yesterday saying happy 3 week anniversary. He mentioned it on our 2 week anniversary too. He's very thoughtful.

I have submitted my resume to a friend and to one place online. That's on the list for today too. It's suppose to be a rainy day! Yeah! I love the rain!

No knitting the last couple days, wow, i can't believe it. I hate it when i'm too busy to knit. Have to make a list of holiday gifts and have to get serious to see what i need to still make.

Oh, and i've been such a bad SP, so bad, that she contacted the moderators and i got an email saying she was worried about me. I sent my SP an email and begged forgiveness and she's really cool. I have to get her package together and mailed by next week too. Bad, bad SP...


Blogger Tori said...

Thanks for supporting your friend! I have just one 3 year old and can't imagine how she survives ;-). It's great fun but these kiddos have so much energy and persverence. Take care, Tori

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