January 21, 2006
A crappy day with a good ending

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day overall but ended ok. I had a 10 am appt. to do my pre-interview testing for an HR Admin. Asst. job. The job wasn't too far away and i got my hopes up. I got there early, we had to wait awhile for it to start and were told it could take upwards of 4 hours. I prayed while waiting, prayed that i would do my best, don't get testing anxiety, be myself if i did interview. Prayed that this was the job for me. So there were 4 different parts to the testing and i did the first three which included a basic logic test that was 45 minutes long, a test where we had to study this paper for 15 minutes about reverse mortgages and then do a test without the paperwork (not sure how i did) and then we had an essay test which was a booklet of questions and we had to right a short essay per question. I felt i did well but while waiting to see if there were managers available to interview, the receptionist called 2 of us out (we were the only ones finished) and said that she was sorry but they did not have a position for us at this time. I was so frustrated and disappointed. It felt like such a waste of time, i felt this sense of failure and i don't even know if i did well or not, or if I just didn't fit there profile. I know you have to go thru this to find your job, but it just feels so awful sometimes.

Then i called Junior and went by his place to pick up my bible which i left at his house when we went to church, he wanted to talk, he wanted me to stay, but he was working out and wanted to finish that, so we kind of tried to talk anyway and i was pissed and upset about the job and everything and him, and then we got to this point in our discussion where it was going nowhere and he interrupted me and i just said, you know what, forget it, if you can't even let me finish a sentence and i left...

The only good thing about the day was my best bud called to check on how the testing went and i told her and she said, how about learning what i do and i have this job and don't have time and you can do it. I could be her assistant on some jobs and learn to do programming for phone systems. I know i can do this and i'm so grateful that she'll be there to help me. I'm really excited about this. So hopefully this job will start soon and i can do it at her house or maybe my house and i'll have some money soon. And i can also learn to do the training at the different companies and make extra cash there too.

I know things happen as they should, but sometimes it just feels awful.

Today is Denise's Memorial service. She has been cremated and there has been a change of times and days for the service, it's kind of messed up, but we (mamacita and I) are going this afternoon. We may go after and have a drink at the only bar we ever go to which is in the area to show my mom where my friend and i go sometimes and she's suppose to come up and have a drink with us.

Thank you Tori for your post to Gary's blog, he enjoyed it! You are so sweet!


I'll certainly be keeping you and your job in my prayers. : )

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll keep posting pics. as my grandmother's shawl progresses.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Shelly in OK

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel for you and hope that things turn out better for you.

Reading through the blog entry though, I certainly hope that you were more careful during your interview when it came to spelling and grammar.

Lose the bf!

Blogger LKB said...

You are such a sweet sister, and I look forward to reading more on Gary's blog. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful person with us in blogland.

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Well, anonymous, aren't you sweet...

Blogger Tori said...

Hi Michele,

You are so sweet to mention me twice in your blog entry! Looking for a job is SO HARD! It is hard, even though you know things work out it is so dissappointing when something you got your hopes up for fell through.

I think anonymous meant well. Words don't convey a lot of compassion if you're a little to blunt. Plus I'd venture to guess people in blogland know when to be a little more casual with grammer and when not too ;-).

Take care, Tori

Anonymous missy said...

Hey Michele!
That's so dissapointing about the job!!
You should definitely feel free to send a short thank you for the interview note, ask that they keep your resume around and consider you for other positions that could come up and ask for feedback on why they decided you weren't their best fit to the job.
It's amazing what you can learn, and it might even help you stand out a bit if a different job comes up that they feel you would be better suited for.
(a coworker of mine swears by this.)

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