January 5, 2006
Dainty Bess

Here's a pic of my project so far on the Dainty Bess scarf.

I'm making it in this lovely yarn. In the color Autumn. It looks really orangey in the top pic, but it isn't, it's really pretty. I'm enjoying knitting it now after messing it up a couple times. I have to keep track of the rows. It's a rep of 20, but the pattern is such that you can get confused...or i was anyway. I got a lot knit today. It was a jammie day, i've been a little down today, let the cancelled interview get to me and just wanted to lay around today. I didn't, but i wanted to. I didn't get out of my jammies, or put my contacts in.

Day 2 on the meal plan went well, i wasn't so hungry, i was satisfied and i even had a glass of wine tonight! I drank my water today, i was perfectly on plan. Tomorrow i have to exercise. 30 minute walk and 30 minutes on the swiss ball, strength training. I hate it, but i have to do it. I can hardly wait to weigh in next Wednesday. I don't want to be jumping on the scale all the time, but sometimes i'm so curious. And then again, why do i put myself thru that? The number is not so important, the effort is and how i feel.

My heart hurts for those poor miners and their families in WV. Just tragic. The whole situation. And I think the billionaire owner of the mine, yes BILLIONAIRE, can and should kick down at least a million per family...my goodness.


Blogger Samantha said...

Oooh pretty!!

I agree with you about the BILLIONAIRE guy paying those poor families well. Money can't replace their loved ones, but it can't hurt either.

Thanks for the compliment about my entrelac bag. Apparently Debbie Bliss has really good instructions (easy to follow) regarding entrelac. I don't know what book it's in, but that's what I've heard. :)

Happy knitting!

Blogger Karla said...

Hey! The scarf looks beautiful! And I love that color. I just wanted to come by and thank you for signing my Frappr Map on my blog. I'm glad you're staying warm. It's been freezing here but we actually are warmer tonight in the 50's tonight! Yippee! (I know, that's probably freezing to you!)

Oh, and regarding your other post about SparksPeople, I found that site last week, too, and you're right. It's awesome! And free! I can plan meals with it. Input what I did eat. Get my calories, fat grams, protein, etc. A wonderful site and truly to be shared!

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