January 13, 2006

Denise passed on yesterday afternoon... My dear mamacita went to see her early morning and then she called and said that she was going to stay because she didn't have much time. She was not there during her last breath, but she was there for her and the family. Denise wanted certain people to be with her during her last moments, and my mom was one of them. We are sad that she is gone, but i think we are all happy that she isn't suffering anymore either. When i think about her and her death i think there were many lessons for us about family and how you deal with them and how you shouldn't take family for granted. It's her remaining family who will now have to deal with their actions i'm afraid and so i'll pray for them. Denise is happy now, she doesn't need prayer.

Going to redo my parents bedroom today. We're removing wallpaper and going to paint. We're basing it all on her bedspread which is a light blue, shiny, with a cream color, taupey beige pattern. We're thinking of a coffee with cream color. I can see it in my mind and i think it'd be so pretty with her light blue carpet and cherry wood bedroom set. So it'll give us something to do today. And tomorrow too i'm sure.

I'm feeling really good about my eating but i need to improve the exercise efforts. But even getting a handle on the eating is making me feel so much better. I love that i can eat so well and healthy and lose. My goal today is again to have my 64 oz. of water. It's difficult sometimes to do. I'm allowing myself 1 diet soda a day, but i still need the water. And i lost my 32 oz. water jug, but i can't make excuses, i have to just do it.


Blogger ohhmama! said...

Rest in Peace Denise. I hope her family is ok.

I have to say that I am so proud of you for sticking to your diet. It can be so hard. i went and checked the site out and I am nervous, because I am so darn picky, but I know that I need to eat better too. And trying to find the time and energy to excersize can be like pulling teeth. Anyway, I think you are doing awesome. 4 lbs is huge progress.

Blogger Tori said...

Good for you for sticking with Sparkspeople. I feel I have a little breathing time in the next few days and will check it out. Denise was so lucky to have you and your Mom her last days here on earth. Wish her friends and family well. Take care kiddo! Tori

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