January 15, 2006

Here is mom's room before we ripped off all the wallpaper and border.
That back wall was a pain because the wallpaper was vinyl so we had to rip it off and then there was paper and tons of glue under it. It took us a whole day to prepare that wall. But i got it peeled and glue off and spackled, sanded and primed by the evening. Mom was cutting in the paint around the doors and windows etc. and we were ready to paint yesterday a.m.

Here is the cat who we evidently were bothering during his nap time!

We got it all done. I love, love, love the color, it's called Timeless Taupe and we were looking for a coffee with lots of cream color and it was! It doesn't come out true in the pic i'm afraid. But it looks really nice with the white trim and windows and her bedspread and cherrywood furniture. She's happy with it. Except now the white doors and trim need to be painted and we're also going to paint her bathroom off the bedroom. There is a set of colors that coordinate with the bedroom and i think we're going to paint her bathroom a pretty light cream with a little yellow in it and one wall is going to be this pale pale green. It's a really small bathroom and hard to explain but i think it'll look great. Here's the finished results.

Having a really bad couple days food wise. I think i'm PMS'ing actually. I just want salty stuff, like chips...but today is a new day, even though i already blew breakfast.

And i had an argument with Junior yesterday too...I don't know what's going on there. Whatever. I don't care at this point. That sounds awful, i know.


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beautiful bedroom..I love, love your dresser...

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