January 8, 2006

Looks like i spoke too soon....I spent most of the weekend with Junior. He send me this phone message with the Hall and Oates song, Baby Come Back, and that prompted me to talk to him, and then he wanted me to come over so we could talk this out, he wore me down and i wanted to go. I missed him. So he came to get me and we had a really nice weekend together. He does take care of me so well, when we are together. He took me to dinner Sat. night and that was nice. I'm optimistic, but a little upset still. Not about what happened, it's the small stuff that i'm letting get to me. But the good news is that we are on a new page, i feel good about that and going on from here, whatever happens.

Taking my brother out to dinner tonight courtesy of some cash that was sent to us so we could all go out and have a family dinner. That'll be nice. I'm doing well on the eating plan, even with going to dinner, but i think it has to be like that. You have to be able to go to a family dinner without feeling like you blew it. I'm going to go, make good choices and move on. I already ate well today by eating breakfast, but late, and then a snack about an hour or so ago because i knew we'd be out tonight. And according to Jr.'s scale this a.m. i have lost 3.5 lbs. this week!!!

Worked quite a bit on my Dainty Bess scarf, it's really beautiful! I love it! I'm knitting until the yarn runs out. And then blocking, something that intimidates me, but i have to do with lace knitting.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

You'll get it all figured out. You can't help who you love right :)

Blogger ohhmama! said...

I am glad he is crawling back... Maybe he is realizing how wonderful you are, just in the nick of time.

Anonymous missy said...

Argh, men :P
Just as long as he treats you well in all the ways that matter!

I love that lace pattern! I may need to try that out after I get around to my sister's scarf she's nagging for (out of brushed baby alpaca, which is a pain to rip out if you make a mistake!)

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