January 10, 2006
quick post

Our friend Denise who was diagnosed with cancer less than 2 months ago is gravely ill and out of hospice and in the hospital. Her daughter called mom last night and said that she has 12-24 hours so we ran up there after dinner. We picked up another friend and went to see her. It's so sad, she looks so frail and truly just sick. A lot of crying from family and friends. I went in twice to see her, but left once because she needed to go potty and then i went in about half hour later and learned later that she passed out in bathroom and had blood coming from her nose and mouth. Dr. says she is bleeding internally and there's nothing they can do. We prayed with her, she won't let go of her rosary. I said goodbye, gave her a kiss, told her i loved her and to know that she is loved. Mom called this a.m. and was connected to her room, her son answered, she asked how she was and he said to hold on, and there was Denise on the phone...surprised me, but i hear sometimes that they get better before it gets worse. God be with her.

The xdbf (ex dear boyfriend, not ex drunk boyfriend{Julie!}) called the house again last night at 12:30. I knew something was wrong because he wasn't available all weekend. He tells me this convuluted story about being jumped, beat up, had his new car and phone and wallet and kids christmas toys stolen, been in the hospital, said he had punctured lungs... what to believe? And he gave me the wrong phone# of the pay phone to call him back but didn't call back last night. Then he calls me today, sounds totally out of it, telling me still about being beat up, blah, blah, and then says and supposedly his truck was in an accident with a semi, but he doesn't know about that?....i'm so sick of it. He's set up and suppose to go to rehab tomorrow...i told him to call them and ask if they can come get him now. I'm going to call a pastor who's helped me and him before and see what he thinks we or someone should do. I'm so sick of it. I care for him, but geez, how much am i suppose to do to help. Am i helping? Am i enabling? I'm sick of it. (Reading this i realize i've said it 3 times, but guess what....I'm sick of it). He's not my husband, he's not even my boyfriend.

Dainty Bess is almost done...maybe one more repeat of the pattern, the edging, bind off and then i have to figure out the best way to block it. It's getting done quick because i've been stressed and therefore i knit. I can't wait to show you.

I've had a few new people added to my map and i'm so pleased to meet new friends! I enjoy all your blogs. I've decided when i visit a blog i need to comment and that's what i've been doing and i'm meeting the neatest people! I also added a slider of my pics on the map, i think it's cool.


Anonymous Rebekah said...

Oh I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your friend, it's good that she is surronded by her loved ones at this time.

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