January 4, 2006

This blog is suppose to be about knitting AND losing. As in weight... But it hasn't been about losing weight in quite a while. But that is going to change. On one of my yahoo groups someone mentioned Sparkspeople and so i went and signed up and wow oh wow...i can't believe this weightloss, health site and the fact that it is FREE! I signed my mom up too this a.m. and we're doing this together. We started our meal plan today. Hers is almost the same meal plan but she actually gets more calories, i think because of her age. It was a lot of food, but then i was really hungry today too, and i got this really killer headache today too. I'm sure it's from the change in diet and it's kind of drastic for me. But right now i feel really good. I'm full, the headache is kind of gone away and i'm really tired and looking forward to bed. This online plan figures out a meal plan tailored just for you. And you track your weight and exercise and goals. I'm just so amazed and thankful to have found it.

Junior is continuing to call and email me. I wish it could be different. And the xdbf is really trying to get it together. He's out of the house, got his own vehicle, signed the divorce papers, transferring money. Lot's going on, but he's starting to get it together. I'm almost optimistic that we may have a future. We'll see.

My interview for tomorrow was cancelled, he hired someone else, i was really, really bummed. I had such a good feeling about this job, and i guess i was wrong...


Blogger Tori said...

Hi Michelle, Sparkspeople looks a lot like Fit Day. I wonder if they changed their name. if it is the same I used it for awhile and really liked it. Everything is right there tracked for you. Great program! I'm also going to put a link on my site for the Iditawalk. You walk 30 min a day for 35 days between February 1, 2006 to March 18, 2006 for a total of 1049 minutes. The Iditerod is 1049 Miles. A Boy Scout Troup in Nome Alaska puts it on as a fund raiser. www.iditawalk.com

Blogger ohhmama! said...

Ohh thanks for sharing that program link. I am going to check it out. I will update you on how it goes, and we can motivate one another :)

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