January 29, 2006

I had a date with Willy last night. We met at Applebee's, he had a strawberry margarita, I had a glass of merlot (I know, according to the movie Sideways, Merlot is not in style anymore, but I like it!), and then we walked to the theatre next door and saw Nanny McPhee at the 10 pm show. I enjoyed the movie. He was a nice enough guy, but there was no spark... Oh, I guess I didn't mention it, but Junior and I are not seeing each other anymore. He emailed me today saying if we could be friends. I'm not interested in being "friends", I had real feelings for him. I think he just wants to have it all. And my xdbf whom I thought was in rehab left me a voicemail this a.m. wondering why I won't talk to him. I told him last week that until he went to rehab not to call me. And now, I'm the big meanie. I thought he did go in, but obviously not...wonder why I've been plagued by headaches lately.

We painted my dear mamacita's bathroom yesterday. It's a small bathroom and it's off of the their bedroom we just painted so we wanted something that was complimentary to the bedroom. In the same color scheme we choose a light green, very pale. In fact, it looked white in the can and when painting, wasn't sure mom would like it. Part of the problem was we were painting over a pale pink and it just looked awful until all that pink was gone and then the green popped out. I love it, I think it looks very classic, and soothing and makes the bathroom bigger.
Here is the putrid pink bathroom before painting.

Another of the "before" bathroom.

And here it is this a.m. See how faint the color is, but it did come out in this lighting.

And here it looks white.

Taking my brother to the mall today. He likes to get out once in awhile, i need to get something at Nordstrom with a gift card and then we are taking him to go have coffee. One of his favorite things to do.


Blogger Lacy said...

Oh my god. I love the new bathroom color. I wanted to paint my bedroom a slightly darker shade, but now I think I might go for the barely-there-green (which would appeal more to the husband, anyway).

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Hi Lacy,
The color is from Olympic Premium paint, we got it at Lowe's and the color is called Milkweed. I tried to find a link to the color but cannot find one.

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