December 9, 2006
Chocolate Gravy & Noro Virgin

Knitty is here! Check out the pattern for Argosy, I think I'm in love. Can you believe I'm a Noro virgin? I've never knit with it but I think it's about time maybe I get me some! can I justify getting some now?...I think I'll just have to wait, but me thinks this will be my January project. I love the colors they knit it up with too.

Have lots to do today and I'm fighting another migraine. :( We are getting things put away and the tree out and will decorate later, starting to wrap some gifts and I hope to get the last of my shopping done by tonight. It will be an early finish for me, and I'll be glad to have it done so I can enjoy these last couple weeks.

I can't believe I actually found a recipe for this. Chocolate Gravy. I first heard about this from an ex-bf who told me about chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast. I thought he was teasing me. He was not. His family was from the South and evidently, this is a Southern dish. His x-MIL use to make this for his kids. So we had to try it and we made it like this recipe but we put it on biscuits, on those large biscuits you can buy and bake now. Homemade biscuits would be an extra treat I am sure. We served it with scrambled eggs and i think some bacon. If you have kids, try it. If you want to try something different and odd but GOOD, try it!


Blogger king-a-ling said...

That sounds YUMMY!!!! I will have to try that one out over the holidays! Maybe a Christmas morning treat. :-)

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