February 5, 2006

Gosh, it took forever for us to get up and get out of the house today to go see Dad at the hospital. My brother is in a wheelchair so I had to help my mom get him out of bed this a.m. It's not a big deal to do, I just normally don't do it, my Dad helps mom, but I think I will be from now on. Then I took the van to get gas, could not find the gas door opener....I spent like 10 minutes looking, I got the manual out, but the lever was not where it was suppose to be. They had to convert the van for my brother's wheelchair and lift, so I finally had to call Mom and then I found it. Then I picked up some lunch and then we got up to the hospital. Dad is in a private room, he seemed to be better, he was alert and talking, he had eaten earlier and he's not vomiting anymore. He even ate zucchini which he hates, but he said it was good, so he must have been hungry. They did an MRI and he has a 3/4" lesion on his brain, they think it came from somewhere else. I don't know what this all means. They ran more tests and may know more tomorrow. I looked brain lesions up and it discusses having muscular sclerosis, I asked my cousin who's an RN and she said the same thing. So we are just not sure yet.

We then took my brother home and then we went and had some dinner at Applebees. We are pooped. It's amazing how stress tires you out. Yesterday for therapy, to get my mind off this I started a crochet star afghan pattern. I'll show you maybe tomorrow. It's a quick project and good for a baby. I have to make a baby girl one next. Pics tomorrow.

Thank you all for the hugs and prayers. It is really appreciated. I tell my mom about you all and she's touched. ((((((Thank you)))))


Blogger Tori said...

Hi Michele, Tell your family my thoughts are with you. Hope it helps a little, it must be rough for your whole family. Glad your Dad is in a hospital you know to be good. Take care, Tori

Blogger Lulu said...

i hope you find out something soon and its good, not bad..
i will keep you all in my prayers..

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