February 13, 2006
More Valentine stuff...

Here's some pics of the Valentine Fortune Cookies packaged and ready to be given to my best friend and her girls. And Kitty thinks he's my pretty cool model. I cannot for the life of me get a pic of him with his pretty yellow eyes open. I'll have to keep trying.

This is one of the Valentine Rings i made. You bead the ring, it looks like small flowers around and then it's red felt with red sequins and red beads sewn on. I saw this at the hospital gift shop and I had to give it a go and make my own. I was trying to show you the bead detail but i cannot get the camera to work right. Another thing i have to learn, i know i have to be able to change the settings. So sorry about the quality of the photos.

Took my Dad and Mom to his visit today with the neurologist and Dad is scheduled for surgery on Thursday. They are doing a biopsy of the lesion which is farther in the brain that we originally thought, so they have to drill a small hole in his skull and then put a needle in there to get some tissue from the lesion. He should be in the hospital overnight, maybe 2-3 days. He's scheduled for bloodwork tomorrow and an MRI on Wed. so they know exactly where to go to get the tissue. He says he is not nervous about it. I guess i'm a little anxious.


Blogger me myself and i said...

love the fortune cookies! Will keep Dad in my prayers!

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