February 26, 2006
Thank you!

A big thank you to Jackie at Knit, Daisy, Knit who sent me a RAOK that arrived on Friday. I had a pic of the box and 3 skeins of beautiful mohair that she sent me but I can't find it. (And I'm tired and crabby and tired of looking). Please go visit her blog to see the yarn. The RAOK came at a really good time, I had a horrible day with my Dad getting out and then back in the hospital, not knowing how he was or what and to come home and find a giftie, well, it did my heart good. And I started a potato chip scarf in the pink for my best friend who's birthday is this coming Tuesday or Fat Tuesday if you are at Mardi Gras. Thank you Jackie, you are a sweetie!

My dad is back in the hospital, he may have had a small heart attack. Please go to his blog for the update.

Staying home this a.m. and getting stuff ready for work this next coming week, doing some laundry, etc. and then I think Junior is coming up and we're going to go see Dad. My Aunt and Uncle are suppose to go visit Dad today too.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

I'll continue to pray for your dad. Big hugs to you. Hang in there :)

Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your Dad and you - I hope that he'll recover quickly!

Blogger Lulu said...

hope your father is doing well today..
praying for him and you all..

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