February 7, 2006
Touch my Belly!

Touch my Belly

This just tickled me. It's an odd thing, but kind of fun. Would you? http://touchmybelly.blogspot.com/

My dear Mamacita got up early and went to the hospital so she could be there when the Dr. came in, she was hoping that Dad would be released. Dr. was in surgery all a.m., he then had another surgery and was coming in tonight at 6 or 7 to see him and maybe release him. I still haven't heard anything, if he's coming home or if they found anything besides the brain lesion and what they are going to do about it. We (Mom and me) went to see him yesterday for about 3 hours. He was doing much better, his balance is better. They had a physical therapist come in to evaluate him and see if he needed a cane or walker, but he does not. They gave him a steroid that is suppose to shrink the swelling and it seemed to help the headache and get rid of the ringing in his ears. We just sat with him, I know he's bored, but he's so much better. **Update: as I'm typing this, Mamacita called and she is bringing Dad home now. Yeah! But I don't know if they found anything else out as far as his condition.**

After that Mom and I went to the nursery and got some plants for the house, some bamboo sticks and some seeds. We're going to plant sweet peas and have them climb below her bedroom window. I also got some mesclun salad seeds and basil. We had two plants of chives and thyme so I planted a planter today with the chives, thyme and planted the rest of the planter with basil seeds. I also planted two planters of the salad mix. I love to have salad growing, you just go out and cut what you want and it grows back, like grass. It seems weird to plant in February, but I AM in California, after all! My body is still use to the cold and not planting till May.

I'm reading that book A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. You know the one with the Oprah controversy. Here's a link to Oprah's site if you want to know more about it. I don't even understand the whole controversy except I guess that Oprah had it as one of her book club books and it turns out that parts of the story were exaggerated and Oprah stood up for him. And then found out what he did and basically called him a liar. Well, regardless of all that, this book is gripping. I couldn't put it down last night and this morning. I only hope that people will still see positive things in the book and be able to change their life. I'd like the exdbf to read it, but he'll have to find it on his own.

I have an interview tomorrow at an insurance company. One that I've dealt with in the past, and it's my parents insurance office, I've known the man for awhile, but not well, but it sounds like a good position. So wish me luck, I'm praying that it'll be the right job for me.


Blogger Tori said...

Yeah, Again, glad your Dad is coming home. Not only for him (he'll be more comfortable) but your poor Mom waiting all day for the doctor! Take care, don't feel like you need to email me back, You must be tired too! Tori

Anonymous missy said...

I'm glad your Dad is doing better! It's so hard having a parent ill.

I think the big deal with the Frey book is that many things in it were flat-out lies, much beyond simple exaggeration. And that he (and his publisher)was promoting it all as his true-life story really upsets some people, especially those who created such a following behind him and took it to be a true story of a man overcoming his demons.
I haven't read it personally, but my big problem with Frey in general is that he promotes the idea that people with addiction problems just need to pull it together and get over it, which is only partly true. Many people really need to go into a treatment program to learn the skills to kick an alcoholism or drug habit, and do need to attend AA or NA type programs to keep themselves sober-- and Frey discounts all of that as nonsense and weakness. This just seems like a dangerous and irresponsible idea to be promoting when he has as high of a profile (and I'm dissapointed that Oprah was helping him along with that.)

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Missy, as I'm reading the book i was hoping that he would change his mind about his attitude about 12 Step programs, etc., but it sounds like maybe he doesn't. Thanks for the insight. And I think you are right, some people do not need 12 Step type programs but a lot of people do and I wouldn't like someone discounting that.

Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

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