February 12, 2006

I'm not in the Knitting Olympics, I just wasn't up to it, too much planning and too much pressure to have a deadline, I just couldn't deal with it right now. I need this button:

But I have been doing some knitting...

Can you tell what these are going to be?

Here they are sewn together...

Here they are after being felted.

sewn together...

I took ribbon and put Valentine Fortune's in them. I took the sayings from Sweetheart Candies.

They are Valentine's Fortune Cookies! I got the idea from Indigo's blog. I wish I had made them all the smaller size. I think they look nicer. They were fun to make. I'm also working on some beaded Heart Rings, pics to follow hopefully tomorrow.

Have a bad back right now, not feeling well, it's been hard on me this weekend helping with my brother. I'm such a wuss.

Dad is doing well at home, he seems to be feeling really good, no headaches, a little ringing in the ears. Tomorrow I'm taking my parents to a Dr. who is about 30-40 minutes away. Mom asked me to take them, she is not familiar with the freeway driving and gets nervous. We're hoping to know more tomorrow, but not sure we will yet, even after this visit.

My brother updated his blog and he would love it if you could visit him and maybe post a comment.


Blogger Gracie said...

Ok, those fortune cookies are the cutest thing!! I saw the pattern as well, and I need to make some for myself! I know there are a ton of cute things you can do with them!

I hope your parent's appointment goes well.

Blogger Mandy said...

Those are the cutest thing!! I hope everything goes well!!

Blogger Lulu said...

how beautiful..

Blogger Tori said...

Very Cute! Great idea to make them with a Valentine theme! Hmm, I'm going to have to make a list for next years Holidays! Take care, hope all is well with your family! Off to visit your brothers blog!

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