March 30, 2006
the heart will mend...

Thank you all for the kind words. It has really been sucky for me, but in a way I'm so glad it's over. It's so weird to feel this pain, and to go over it in my mind, wish it weren't true, but another side of me is so happy that my eyes have been opened and now I can deal with the truth of it. I am going to move on, I'm hurting still, but I only cried once today at work. That was when my coworker knew something was wrong and inquired about it. I told her I couldn't talk about it, too emotional but she was sweet. She sent me an email later asking how I was doing, that made me cry.

I'm going to take real good care of me. I'm doing a lot of knitting, I'm so thankful to have good friends to talk to about it, and this weekend I'm going to go have a massage with my friend. We both need it. The B & B was so sweet, they didn't even charge me for canceling this weekend, the massage therapist was totally sweet, and the restaurant where I was making special arrangements was so cool too.

I have a lot of exciting things happening. My mom and I are both going to become notary publics and have a side business as a mobile notary, doing loan docs, etc. in the evenings and I'm going to school in a couple weeks to get licensed as an insurance agent in the State. I have to go to prep classes for 1 week and a half Saturday and then take the state test whenever I get that arranged. I feel good that my employer is investing the time and money in me after working there a little over a month. And I'll have potential to make more money and I'm enjoying my work. I'm thankful for what I have.


Blogger Gracie said...

I'm sorry about the BF, but I know it will stop hurting after awhile. It is better to have it over now than several years down the road.

Have a fabulous fiber filled weekend!

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