March 5, 2006
Mohair Potato Chip Ruffle Scarf

Here is my dear sweet Mamacita modeling for you the Mohair Potato Chip Ruffle Scarf that I made from the stash yarn I received from Knit, Daisy, Knit! Isn't she pretty? My mom and the scarf! I hope you can see the detail. Jackie sent me 2 skeins of the pink and one of the red and I knit this scarf with the outside edge in red and it really made the project and colors pop I think. I'm giving this scarf to my best friend for her birthday. (Julie, don't read this... ;) ) I hope she likes it. And I have enough yarn to make another one and I'm considering making one with red and the outside edge pink? What do you think? Or should I just make another one in this color pattern?

We went to see my Dad is the Convalescent Center yesterday and he was doing pretty good, he says he's feeling better every day. It's been a little stressful getting everything done, trying to take stress off my poor mom and dealing with my brother. Yesterday on the way home he was driving both of us CRAZY! If you want to see Dad's health update you can go to .

Junior is coming over in a bit, Mom is gone visiting my Dad, I'm going to make Goulash for dinner and then Junior is going to help me get Gary back to his care facility. My back has been nagging me all weekend.

My Dad's dog Rufus is either missing Dad or he's sick. He hasn't eaten in 2 days. He seems better today but still not eating. Poor guy. I'm going to make him some boiled rice and hamburger in a bit and see if he'll eat it.

My birthday is this Tuesday....I wasn't sure I'd mention it but whatever. Birthday's have always been kind of a big deal in our house, but with Dad sick, it's not so big a deal. And I kid and say I don't have birthday's anymore, I have Anniversaries of my 21st birthday. So on the 7th I'll only be 20! Woo hoo! 20 was a pretty good year for me. But would I go back there? Nah, I don't think so. Junior is taking me to dinner and we may celebrate with mom and dad hopefully if he's home next weekend. Mom wants me to get some yarn so I'm getting the pattern and yarn for this. Isn't it pretty? I'm going to get it in Coal, which looks black or almost black, instead of the medium gray and I'm getting an extra skein of the Coal because I want to make it a little longer, maybe 2-3 inches longer. What a fun and exciting project that will be. It's been awhile since I've done a big project like that. I can't wait.


Blogger Lulu said...

lovely scarf...Mom too..:-)
hope your father keeps getting better and better every day..

Blogger Lacy said...

Oh my god, I remembered to say something on your actual birthday. So happy birthday! You share it with my youngest boy :D

Blogger Tori said...

Your Mom is so cute! Hope all is well with Dad and your New Job! Take care, Tori

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