March 12, 2006
Sucky weekend...

It's been a fairly sucky weekend, Dad came home from the Convalescent hospital Sat. around noon only to get sick again and we had to call 911 and he was in the hospital overnight again. He is home now and we're hopefully he'll continue to improve. If you want to see his update it is at

My back has been bad almost all weekend. I had to take pain pills Sat. after getting up. I think it was because of picking up my brother and getting him in and out of the van.

The only good part of the weekend was Mom made bread pudding with Bourbon sauce, at my request for my birthday and it was beautiful and yummy! And Junior has totally been there for me and my family thru this whole thing with Dad and it just means so much to me. He came over when Dad had to go to the hospital, just in case I had to go down there because my brother was already in bed. And he's staying tonight to stay with Dad tomorrow and Tuesday. And going to take him to his Dr. appointment on Wednesday. With mom and I both at our new jobs, it's so comforting to know he's here. Oh, another good thing! I got a Bag O'Yarn from Knitpicks! 9 skeins of really beautiful yarn, pics to follow. I'm too tired tonight.

My brother has an update a new question on his blog if anyone is interested.


Blogger Tori said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, what a roller coaster! Hope he is on the mend and doesn't have the need for anymore trips to the hospital.
Take care, Tori

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