April 16, 2006
A good excuse to eat chocolate!

Happy Easter to all of you! Our Easter is a little different this year, we slept in, had to get my brother up and then we had a small breakfast with sliced ham, scrambled eggs and cheese danish. We normally have champagne and peaches to celebrate but Mom has this bad crud and i'm still getting over it and neither of us felt like it. It just seems weird with Dad not being home. We're taking the basket of eggs and candy and some breakfast goodies over to him in a while. I didn't even make it to Church... I think He understands.

Yesterday I graduated and got my certificate from my class and then I picked up my brother and took him on a little shopping trip. Took him to lunch at CA Pizza Kitchen, yum. I love their chopped bacon and gorgonzola salad and Gary enjoyed it. Then we got some See's candy for Mom and Dad and some cards, and then we went to Nordstrom and he wanted to see some men's cologne. He was going to get the Vera Wang shaving balm but then wanted the Eternity Summer cologne which is very nice, light and crisp. Then I got to go to Mac (my new favorite cosmetic), and I got another color of the paint eyeshadow which is fabulous, it's called Magritte and i got a beautiful shadow to go with it called tempting. I'm going to have to add Mac to my monthly budget! :) Then I took Gary for a cup of coffee at the Nordstrom bar and he wanted a coffee holder too. We sat and had that and then came home. Poor mom was so sick yesterday but is better today. I'm not feeling great this a.m. and the cough is way deep.

Pics are coming of the cardigan, promise. When I get home from Dads.


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