April 3, 2006

Looks like Dad had another stroke Saturday night or early Sunday morning. He woke up feeling a lot different. Very weak, not able to talk the same, slow and really had to think about it. We had to call 911 because he couldn't walk and we couldn't get him to the car. It was a drastic change from the day before where he was talking, getting up to go to the bathroom, etc. I can't help but feel really gloomy today.

I did some retail therapy Sat. afternoon, got mom her Mac compact and I got a concealer pencil and some Mac paint eyeshadow, which I LOVE! I also got some Mario Badescu drying lotion for my breakouts. It's weird stuff, it has this pink calamine looking stuff on the bottom of the bottle and oily stuff up top of that. You want to shake the bottle, but you are not suppose to. What you do is put a cotton swab in to the bottom and then put that on the problem area and let it dry and wash off in the morning. It's suppose to work miracles...we'll see. I also got some Tea Tree Oil with Vit E for this crud I get on the back of my scalp, the Dr. gave me something for it and it didn't work at all, my friend told me about tea tree and I read up on it and it was recommended. I started that yesterday and would you believe it's already helped and I'm not itching today. I also bought a Sudoku puzzle book thanks to Missy for getting me addicted to Sudoku puzzles. And I was bad and bought 1 knit magazine, but only 1. :)

I finished the Adamas shawl and I LOVE it, I'll try to post pre-blocking pics soon.


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