April 28, 2006

Today I had a dr's appt, a check up because I had my thyroid level checked, it was normal. She gave me a inhaler because I wheeze at night, thank God Dad had that and he won't be using it so I didn't have to pay for that. Going later may for a Pap. I was given another medicine for this crud on my head. Got to work about 15 minutes late. Today was pay day! And again I'm shocked, I have money in the bank and I'm getting things paid, I'm not really living paycheck to paycheck now. I have some old bills to pay and I'm working on that. But I'm feeling good.

Mom and I went to dinner tonight, it was nice. We needed to sit and talk. Mom had a call from the hospital about Dad and his care. The prognosis is not great. He could need a surgery for his prostrate and his heart, but he can't take a surgery. There's something going on with his heart and lungs and it's probably not going to improve. They are talking about Hospice car, which upsets my mother because we are having to look at the reality of losing him. I can't talk about it anymore. Saw him tonight and he seemed a little better, they moved him to another room but we're not sure why. His Dr. and nurse do not want Hospice to speak to him yet, but again we're not sure why. It's day by day, it's scary.

Having a glass of Shiraz and going to bed early, I've been really tired all day, stress getting to me.

This weekend is filled with studying......i've got to concentrate and get this done. I have to pass this test.


Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

With everything going on with your Dad, can you wait to take the test, or are you on a time limit? Maybe it would be easier for you to wait a bit, and deal with your Dad first, then worry about the test. Just a thought, worried about you. Love, Cindy

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