May 3, 2006
Hanging in there.

Today is the day I was suppose to re-test but after trying to study last Saturday and being interrupted by the phone and having to deal with transferring Dad to a Hospice care facility, there was just no way that I could concentrate on it and take the time to study. I talked to my bosses Monday and said I'd pay for the rescheduling fee, they were totally understanding and sweet about it, didn't want me to worry about THAT of all things and they told me if I needed time, to just take it. My one boss gave me a hug and said she knows how it is, she lost her Dad awhile ago. They laughed and said, oh, you scared us, we thought you were quitting... I said no, I like it here, so they were happy. Then I called the Dept. of Ins. and got this sweet man who asked why I was rescheduling and when I told him he gave me his direct# and said to call him and he'll take care of rescheduling me and he won't charge me. There are still decent people in the world.

So Dad did move to Hospice care Sunday night and he's OK, comfortable, but not doing great. I don't know what'll happen. He was disoriented last night, he asked my Mom, "Where am I?" It just broke me heart.

No knitting to speak of. My friend and I were going to meet tonight at a Knit shop and spend some time together but i forgot my knitting and I want to go see Dad after my counseling.

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. Big hugs.


Anonymous Paul said...

Glad to hear he will waive the reschedule fee for you. There are still people in the world that have the ability to realize that some situations are bigger than "following the rules" and are willing to step up and do something nice for someone.

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