May 12, 2006
It's feeling like Summer

I know it's not quite summer but it's feeling like it in So. CA...It's so beautiful outside. And here I sit in a cold ass office, freezing in the AC. Geez, it's Friday and I want out of here already! Going to go to a Farmer's Market tonight with my friend and her girls. I haven't been to this one yet so I'm anxious to see what they have there in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables. I shouldn't buy any fruit because I'm getting one of those edible fruit bouquets for my mother. I'm too cheap to have it delivered for $12 bucks so I'm going to pick it up for her tomorrow. With the gas prices, I maybe should have had it delivered. I hope she likes it. I still have some shopping to do for her for Mother's Day from my brother and my Dad. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I'm suppose to take some time for myself, but I think that time is going to be tonight with Jul at the Farmer's Market. I want to take Mom to the movies this weekend too because my brother is not coming home and we can go just us. My brother is having a problem with his leg and in pain so he's staying in. We'll go see him Sunday. May go to Bristol Farms too this weekend and get some goodies for a small brunch at the house for Mom. That's enough rambling for now I guess....

But to all of you who are Mom's I wish you a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day! Enjoy your day and let your loves ones pamper and gush all over you!


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