May 12, 2006
It's feeling like Summer

I know it's not quite summer but it's feeling like it in So. CA...It's so beautiful outside. And here I sit in a cold ass office, freezing in the AC. Geez, it's Friday and I want out of here already! Going to go to a Farmer's Market tonight with my friend and her girls. I haven't been to this one yet so I'm anxious to see what they have there in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables. I shouldn't buy any fruit because I'm getting one of those edible fruit bouquets for my mother. I'm too cheap to have it delivered for $12 bucks so I'm going to pick it up for her tomorrow. With the gas prices, I maybe should have had it delivered. I hope she likes it. I still have some shopping to do for her for Mother's Day from my brother and my Dad. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I'm suppose to take some time for myself, but I think that time is going to be tonight with Jul at the Farmer's Market. I want to take Mom to the movies this weekend too because my brother is not coming home and we can go just us. My brother is having a problem with his leg and in pain so he's staying in. We'll go see him Sunday. May go to Bristol Farms too this weekend and get some goodies for a small brunch at the house for Mom. That's enough rambling for now I guess....

But to all of you who are Mom's I wish you a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day! Enjoy your day and let your loves ones pamper and gush all over you!


Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

Hey, it's been awesome weather, aren't you glad to be back in sunny cali?! It was nice talking to you today, I really want to get together, hopefully soon. Check out my blog site, got some pics for you there.... I found a new pattern. Love, Cin

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