June 26, 2006

All I'm going to say about the weekend was that he's a very rude man and I will have nothing to do with him further. I came home early and am disappointed (in him), but don't worry, I'm fine. I just will not accept being treated in any way but as a gentleman would treat a lady. Another toad...A tall, dark toad. His handsomeness went away with his behavior.

Yesterday I went to a Luau at my brother's care facility, it was a lot of fun, they had Hawaiian/Tahitian dancers and food for the residents. Then I went and had a drinkiepoo with a friend and Mamacita and then Mamacita and I went to a friend's daughter's dance recital that we go to every year. What a great show! It was a jungle theme and they did a great job, as ever!

Got the yarn in the mail on Sat. for Dixie's Blankie and I actually swatched to figure out the proportions of the Blankie. We'll see how my calculations come out. I got it going last night, I couldn't resist. And I love the color combination so far. I've changed the pink blocks to stockinette and not a seed stitch, but I still may change that. I may do a stockinette border within the block and a seedstitch center. I'm trying to get the right proportion of color and texture. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn from Knitpicks. It has the perfect feel that I wanted for baby. I really don't like that poofy, fluffy stuff for baby. This Shine from them is so soft. I just love it.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Good for you to not put up with BS!!

Blogger Gracie said...

Sorry the weekend was a bust, but better to kick him to the curb now than to find out later. As my mother has always taught me, men are idiots.

I can't wait to see pics of the baby blanket! I bet it is adorable!

Blogger Tori said...

I agree with Gracie, Sorry and glad you found out now, Yikes! Take care!

Blogger Lacy said...

I ..fourth what everyone else has said. Better sooner than later to find out he's a jerk.

I made a hat for my MIL out of Shine. I liked it so much that I got some for myself :)

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