June 5, 2006

A dear friend sent me the cutest little magnet that is displayed proudly on my computer at work. It says this:

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself -
in the power you have
to control your own life,
day by day...

Believe in the strength
that you have deep inside,
and your faith will help
show you he way...

Believe in tomorrow
and what it will bring -
let a hopeful heart
carry you through...

For things will work out
If you trust and believe.
There's no limit
to what you can do!

-Larry S. Chengges
It was a really nice thing for her to send to me, and with all the changes going on with Dad's death, it was really nice to know she cared. And I love what it says. It'll be my mantra for now.
We (Mom and my brother and me) met my friend at Chuck E. Cheese's this Sat. We went to pickup Gary and went over there for lunch. I myself have never been to that establishment and was quite intrigued to see what it was all about. It's about pizza, and soda, and games and animals, and NOISE. The pizza was actually very good, we enjoyed that. But the 3 year old twins couldn't have cared less about the pizza, they wanted to PLAY!!! They were so adorable, it was a lot of fun watching them and being a kid again. I found a game my brother could do and he did really well and won 124 tickets! That's a lot people in the Chuck E. Cheese world! He got a coin trick thingy and an ugly blue plastic bug and a blue metallic salamander lizard thing that I want for my computer. FUN!!
My brother won another award, he is Student of the Year I guess and his award show is tomorrow night. Pics to follow! Yeah Gary!
My friend and I are going to take Skeet shooting lessons next week hopefully. I use to do this years ago and loved it so I'm going to get back into it. It's outdoors, potential to meet people (men), and it's a way for my friend and I to get out of the house once a week. And I'll be a good shot!Hopefully.
Here I am saying I hate men, blah blah and so what do I do? I joined eharmony! And there's one special one but I'm reluctant to talk about it, so I'm not for now. We'll just see how it pans out. But he's tall, dark and handsome and that's enough info for now.


Anonymous Paul said...

What is your profile name? I want to check it out :)

Or can you even look if you aren't a member?

Paul in Florida

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