June 12, 2006
The Good and the Bad

The Bad News: the tickets fell thru for Andrea Bocelli and I was more than bummed....I don't even know who these people are but someone decided that they'd take their sister and so they weren't available....WWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHH

The Good News: I had a date with Mr.TallDark&Handsome and he was even more than that! I actually had fun! We met at an outdoor market place and we sat and had a few Corona's and talked and laughed and had some chips and salsa and shared a plate of enchiladas. We got up and shopped and I just enjoyed myself. He made me feel good about me. I know you have to do that for yourself but I liked how I felt around him. I'm hopeful to see him again.


Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

Sorry about the concert, but you go girl, regarding Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome!!!! How was the hotel room, anyway? LOL Just joking. Anyway, you know those awesome pickles, that my husband fell in love with last Christmas? I need it, I got a whole bad of pickling cukes, and need to make them, but have no idea. Thanks, and glad that yo had a great afternoon w/ Mr. TDH. Love, Cin

Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

The recipe, I need, oops. Love, Cin

Blogger kat said...

its ok to get positive reinforcement from someone else...enjoy it!

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