June 22, 2006
Happy Girl

He's back to Mr.TDH and I'm a happy girl!...

I'm going away for the weekend to the desert to spend time with Mr.TDH. Hope to have pics so you can see how handsome he is! I'm going with no expectations. I'm going to relax, spend time with him, and have FUN!!! Perhaps I'll get some sun, but not the lay out by the pool kind, cuz that ain't happening! It's gonna be hot though and I love the heat and I've taken to wearing my hair naturally curly so that is not a big deal.

I should have my yarn for Dixie's Blankie delivered by the time I leave and I know I'm going to want to get going on that, I may have to be a yarn geek and bring my project with me. He might as well know from the start that I'm a yarn geek! :)


Blogger Gracie said...

Yay! Have a fabulous weekend!

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