June 19, 2006

Mr. TallDark&Handsome has become Mr. ICantFigureOutHowToUseAPhoneOrI'mSoRudeICantEvenCallHerBack ...... whatever.

I have been commissioned to make a baby blanket for a special someone and I need your knitting creativity ideas or opinion of my idea. The Mom-to-Be is young and hip and her house is decorated in "Mid-Century Modern" which I'm told is similar to Minimalistic. The baby we know is a girl and her nursery is going to have pale pale pink walls and a green accent color and painted with a japanese pink lotus blossom design. So with that in mind and after trying to find a pattern i've decided i'm probably going to have to make my own pattern and what i am thinking is a pale pink with a pale green and maybe an off white and it's going to be bigger blocks of those three colors with a cable between the blocks and a cable around the border. Imagine a block of nine with those three colors and the off white cable running vertical and on the outside. Can anyone envision it? Do you have any other ideas or patterns, anything would be most appreciated. The yarn i'm thinking of is a soft cotton or a cotton/cashmere, nothing synthetic for this one. I'll take yarn suggestions too!

The lace scarf i was working on was frogged again because I got a lace knitting book from ebay and decided it'd be better knit in this different pattern. It's pretty but i'm going to put it down to concentrate on my commission.

I'm getting things done people and i'm feeling good about it. I'm getting my car situated and my i'm getting a passport (because if you read up we're all going to need one by the end of 2007 anyway). And I must be prepared for when I meet that wonderful man who wants to take me to Paris or Venice!!!

Getting a massage at the house tonight. I can't wait! It's a full body massage and it lasts almost an hour. Mamacita is having one too. It's our do good thing for us today!

Have a great week!


Anonymous Erin said...

how about something like Lynne's over at Iwasknittogetherinmymotherswomb? very simple would work great with your colors?

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Hi Erin,
Thank you for the idea, i really like it, it's this one http://iwasknittogetherinmymotherswomb.typepad.com/ right? The blue and green and white? I was thinking something like that but with plain squares in a seed stitch maybe.

Blogger Gracie said...

The colors sound really great. Could you put the baby's monogram on it somewhere, or the first letter of the baby's name? I've thought about doing that on a baby blanket but haven't experimented with it yet.

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