June 9, 2006
OMG, guess where I get to go!!!!

Holy Moley, I'm so excited!!! Guess who I'm going to see perform Sunday!!! Guess..... My boss wasn't able to go and thru a friend of a friend of his I'm going to see HIM!!! Can you believe it, oh I'm so excited! Haven't been this thrilled in a long time! I'm taking my dear sweet Mamacita with me. She loves to go to the Hollywood Bowl and has taken me in the past, so it's my turn to take her. And the tickets include a shuttle from a place close to the house, which is the only thing that would have sucked, so we're set. Well, we will be when I go get the tickets tomorrow. They aren't too far away but I felt better picking them up instead of having them sent fedex. And guess who'll be there performing next month?....Tom Jones!!! I know, my 24 year old coworker confirmed it, I'm old....but hey, I love Tom Jones. Ever since when I was about 22 or 23 and my dear Mamacita called me at work one day and said, Honey, would you drive me to Universal Studio and go to a concert with me? And I knew she hated freeways and would never venture her way there and I got to go to a concert to boot, so I said, sure, who are we going to see....Tom Jones!! I scrunched my nose, making a face like, ewwww, and said, Maaaaaw????Tom Jones?... like HOW could she ask me to do something like THAT? She says, Oh come on honey, he's good looking and his music is great, I want to go so bad. OK. No, it was more like OHHHHHKAAAYYYY.. I mean geez, she birthed me, just take her to the dang concert. And you know what....I fell in love with him! I don't care to know how old he is now and I don't know how old he was then but all I know is he looked good in his pants, oh, I mean, he looked really healthy. And I really like his music, it was just a great show and he's lucky cuz I almost turned into one of those girls who are known to throw their undies at him! There will be no undie throwing if I go next month, but it'd be great to see him!


Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

You are too funny! I can just see you make that face, and scrunch your nose, in that way that says, 'no way, no how'. LOL So glad that you get to go Sunday, i am sure it will be awesome. Glad that you are back online, was wondering when you would come back, and glad you are. Know that I love you, and am here. Love, Cin

Blogger Tori said...

Cool! Andrea Bocelli! Let us know all about it, it sounds like it will be a great experience for you and your Mom. Now about Tom.....I just never considered it before.....Hmmm (scrunching up my nose :-)

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