June 19, 2006
Whatcha think?

How about this:
You can disregard the Cable on the right hand side, i was trying to show that the off white around the border and going vertical between the squares will be a band of cables. I love the idea of a Letter on here for the baby's name which is Dixie, so not sure where i will put that yet. I may knit it first, make sure Grandma like's it and ask her if she wants her initial on there. Now to pick a yarn!

I heard from Mr.TDH and he's been really sick with a cold/flu he woke up with on Monday, trying to get to his new job, working early and late. I think i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. We'll just see how he acts from here.

Mom and I had our massage tonight....OMG....she is GOOD!! I feel great!! She really worked on me. I love her. She's coming back next month.


Blogger Gracie said...

I think it looks great, but do you think it needs a bit more green? It kind of looks like the green was an afterthought because there are only 2 squares with the green. Could you border the white squares with green? Just a thought!

Blogger Knitcrazy said...

I would make the colors almost equal.... :)
If you put the "D" I would put it in one of the corners... Top left or Bottom right one :)

Are you doing it in one piece???

I am going to do a aquare blankie but will be doing it all one piece probably with equal colors ..


Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Gracie, I love the idea of more green and think I will border the white squares with green but in a seed stitch. I ordered the yarn last night so i'll have to order more green I think.

Penny, yes I'm going to knit it in one piece, (b/c i hate to piece work) except I'll have to knit the cable border as a piece for the top and bottom and then I'll probably crochet a border to make it stable.

This is so exciting for me, to create my first real piece. I'm going to make up a pattern as I go and it'll be called Dixie's Blankie. Thanks for all your help.

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