July 25, 2006
Am I coming or going?

I did end up going home early on Friday, around 1:30, I felt so awful and what was worse is I got home and I was so restless because of the heat. I couldn't just go to bed and sleep it off. The heat...it was just so permeating and there was no relief. We've never needed Central Air, we've always been able to deal with our room ceiling fans and standing fans, but this heat is different. And so I relaxed and watched TV and felt a little sorry for myself and just felt awful. The migraine went away that evening, but I felt like a truck had hit me. I had chills and probably fever and body aches and then the stomach problems started. I've been a mess this whole weekend. Yesterday I woke up to go to work, woke up feeling fuzzy and just not good. Sat in bed awhile and thought, can I do this today?...and no I could not. So I called into work. I must have a stomach virus. Today I'm at work, but still don't feel well and I'm super tired, I have no energy. My mom has been trying to just figure out what it is....i tell her, I think I just have a stomach bug, but that doesn't seem to be enough, it has to be something else, the heat, depression, my new way of eating, something I ate, something else....but how many times can I say, it's just a virus?...

Today is Taco Tuesday but I don't think i can stomach that...so i'm probably headed to Jack in the Box for their Asian Chicken Salad, yum!!! If you haven't tried it, it is really yummy and very low cal, even with the tasty dressing.

With all this down time the only thing I've been doing is working on Dixie, I have almost the 2nd row of panels done, will have to take a pic and show you, hopefully tonight. I'm still having to deal with all the tangles, can't figure out a better way, but it'll come to me, probably after I finish the thing.


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Hope you are feeling better :)

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