July 6, 2006

As you can see I've been fiddling with my blog settings, adding a new background on top. I'll learn html if it's the last thing i do. It's frustrating but challenging trying to learn this on my own. So in the meantime try to bear with me with my sidebar being on the bottom, etc....

I had the neatest phone call last night from my cyber friend Tori! It was so neat to hear her voice after all this time. She sounded pretty much like I thought she would. She's so nice. I'm interested in using the Isagenix products that she is using, she's also an associate and I may become one too. The more i look into these products the more i like it. So go send Tori some love!

I've started taking some water pills since yesterday because with this heat I'm having a lot of swelling around my ankles and it hurts. So i'm making many potty trips today, but it's feeling better. Another reason i need to start Isagenix.


Blogger Tori said...

You are so sweet! I had such a good time talking to you too! :-). Your bog background looks very summery! HTML can be very tedious but you'll get it!

Blogger Mattie said...

Hi! It is amazing how much time goes by while you try to "fiddle" with the blogs! I like your color scheme. Thanks for stopping by my blog - if you would still like the green earrings, send me an email at fiberevolution@gmail.com, I can give you a good price!

Good Luck in the heat.


Blogger Gracie said...

Isn't fiddling frustrating sometimes?!

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