July 13, 2006
Happy Belated Birthday/Anniversary!

Happy Belated Birthday to Knitting and Losing! I missed my 1 year anniversary. I started this blog last June 17th and I remember thinking, I have to remember that and have a happy birthday/anniversary party....I missed my party! Wow, how things have changed in this last year. I've moved from MN, drove cross country with my Mamacita, began a new life, lost my dear Father, but overall.....I'm home and I'm happy....and I miss my dad.

My cousin sent this to me and warned me that it could make me cry and think of my dad. It's really beautiful, but is something wrong with me, it didn't make me cry?I think nothing but good thoughts of Dad and I just know he's OK. I cry for US because we miss him. Take a look, see what you think. http://www.angeleyes2.com/platinum6/icq86.html

This weekend is crunch time for me. My exam is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I'm not going to work Monday a.m. , I need that morning to prepare and get downtown early and all that. I'm doing well with the studying. I feel much more competent about passing. I'm taking a break tonight and going to dinner with a friend. And I'm getting my face done at the Mac counter today and getting some new brushes and stuff! OOOH, I love that stuff. I'll try to take a pic of my MAC made up face. ;)

It's going to be a scorcher here this weekend, hope wherever you are you are safe and cool!


Blogger Gracie said...

Happy Bloggiversary!!

I hope your exam went well today!

Anonymous Mary Kay said...

Hey Baby Cakes! Congrats! So...what does this passing mean? Can you sell? And...Happy Blog Anniversary. What is Dixie? Dating? Tell me everything!


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