July 30, 2006
Tacos, LA style...

Don't ask me why I'm reading this today of all days, but one of the reasons I love LA is this ~ Tacos! I'm not talking about a fried hard shell corn tortillas with assorted meats and toppings, they have their place in Mexican cuisine, but I'm talking about more traditional Mexican soft tacos. They are made with smaller (usually 3 ") corn tortillas that are grilled lightly to soften them, and then they are made with 2 tortillas stacked, with a meat of your choosing, like carne asada (marinated beef), al pastor (a meat that is cooked on a spit and then shaved off and grilled, usually pork I think, carnitas (pork, that is marinated often in an orange juice marinade with spices, etc, and then often fried in a copper bowl and then roasted) and then there are the grosser toppings (in my opinion) of lengua (tongue), cabeza (beef brains, no, I'm not kidding), tripa (cow stomach) and then topped with chopped cilantro, white onion and a salsa or roja or you top them with your own preference of chili/salsa. They are often served with lemon to squeeze over before eating, and also they serve them with chopped radishes and pickled jalapeno with onion and carrots. My favorite are the carnitas and the carne asada. And I have my favorite spot called Tacos Mexico. They have Taco Tuesday every week and the tacos are $.35 a piece, can not beat that. I eat 4-6 of them for lunch and they are yummy. So imagine my delight to find a blog about these types of tacos all over LA. Check it out! And the reason I shouldn't be reading this today is that I'm cleansing today and not eating solid food. But believe me, I'll have some of these on Tuesday!


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Yummmmmmmmmm tacos!

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