July 28, 2006

Time has gone by
It never stops
My heart still aches for you
Because now you are gone

How quickly the time went
From when you were first sick
We wanted you well
But it wasn't meant to be

A voice inside told me
He's going home
But we weren't ready
To let you go

I know you are happy now
And your soul is living on
For that I am glad
But our poor bodies on earth
Our hearts are still grieving

So we think of the happy times
The laughs we all shared
And although we miss you
And our hearts have a gaping hole

Our souls are elated
Because we know you made it home.


Blogger Cindy Wilhite said...

This is good, you are still writing poetry? I still have the ones you have written for me. Life sucks sometimes, and there isn't a thing we can do about it. My boss's niece had hydrocephalus, she was 19 yrs. old, outlived the doctors prognosis, and drowned this last weekend in a swimming pool. Go figure, her family was very protective of her because of her disabilities, and yet a freak accident takes her life. Sometimes you just wonder, why?

Blogger Mitchypoo said...

So sorry, Cin, that is a tragic story. It does make you wonder why?

Almost forgot I use to write poetry when I was young. Huh? I'm finding it comforting to write again.

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